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I have the same problem (I assume). I made a ticket for it. Dashboard does not load anymore: Cannot read properties of null · Issue #143 · skogsaas/homey.dashboards · GitHub

I assume you have not found a workaround as well?

With kind regards, Stefan

A reset of the app (in my case myAudi for Homey) made the device available again, but the issue is in the dashboard: a device that is not available “crashes” the dashboard

In my case the device started working again, but if for some reason it’s not possible to get your device back your dashboard seems permanently broken

Likely not a Dashboard problem but Home connection. I have that frequently. Try to open the Homey app then and you will see connection error as well. If not then it‘s another problem. Only for my Dashboard it was slways a Homey issue not a Dashboard issue

Aha, good to know! In my case, i find it hard to find out which device/app is malfunctioning. My problem says to have a problem with reading “ onoff”, so it can be many apps/devices :frowning: Any suggestions to narrow it further down?

Yes, in my case it was ‘charging’, that could only be my car. I’m not very familier with this, so I don’t know how to find out more about the device. Maybe there’s some ID on this page you can find in the Homey developer page

Is there no device that is offline or not working properly in another way? My “car” device was also offline on the devices page in Homey

I saw this video and wanted to share it with you guys.
Very cool, icons with condition’s on a dashboard.

I know it’s home assistant not Homey :sweat_smile:

Hi Steven,
Cc @skogsaas

Edit: I misunderstood the meaning of your post, Steven, my bad. Please ignore my comment.

I’m sorry, but I really think it’s not appropriate and disrespectful to ‘advertise’ that in Marcus’ Dashboard app topic?
I think you’d best start your own topic to discuss HA dashboards.
Just a thought!

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Usually I would agree with you Peter, but in this case I see Steven’s attempt to share the video as inspiration, and not advertisement for HA. So I don’t mind :ok_hand:
I can confirm that something like this is coming. I’ll have to see the video again, with sound this time to see how HA has solved this. Might give me some hints on how other smart people has implemented this :raised_hands:


I only shared the video because I thought it would be a nice idea for the dashboard.

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Reid makes use of conditional cards in HA along with sensors to track his watch to achieve his dashboard.

see also already suggested ideas at:

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My bad, Steven, appearantly I read your post not the way you meant it.
I will adjust my reaction.


Hi, Thanks for the tip. Luckily i found the responsible device for the error, removing the device did the trick. However other ways of repairing a device would probably also work :slight_smile:

Hi, how do you make it work, duplicate the raw code of a dashboard and put the code in a new dashboard? I can only copy it, not paste it.

Indeed @Stefan_Veenhof.

Earlier I want to make my first Dashboard also a virtual one by copy/paste.
That pasting was not working.

ok, I never tried it to be honest … just always saw the raw code field and the save button, so I was assuming that this was an option.