[APP][PRO] ControlMySpa

Hey @Stian_Vaag
I think that’s different from the controlmyspa integration.

Can you check if this works for you?

@Stian_Vaag Just did a check

The BWA app uses a different module and integration than the ControlMySpa integration.

As it is not part of this app I would suggest to create a app request in: Homey Pro Community App Requests

This app is specifically for the ControlyMySpa integration and there’s no plan to implement any other SPA’s in this app than ControlyMySpa

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Thank you😊

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Hi Martijn,

Tody after months it was installed and delivered. The module is this one:

The device name on the network starts with network name: ESP_553C92 and mac adres 8c:aa:b5:55:3c:92.

I have a heater on wifi from Eurom with the same range mac adresses and looking in the eurom and joyoway app it seems from the same vender as a lot of iot device are from with Ali authentication service on it. seems like it is from TUYA iot but not shure yet. Seems to work the same as balboa, ap to connect, configure own wifi on 2.4 only, connect and management by lan or true cloud.
Will try to get some wireshark going on to see all data handled.

New app update (live: 1.5.2):

1. FIX: app crashes due to Homey 7.4.1

@Robbie_van_moerkerk If it uses the ControlMySpa app it can be used with this integration. Otherwise you probably have to request a app here: Homey Pro Community App Requests

I have a Balboa controlled spa (Norwegian VikingSpa Royale II). I can buy the wifi module separately, however there seems to be two options: 1) The «old» 50350 wifi receiver, and 2) the «new» 59303 Ultra gateway. The first is priced about $250 and the latter about $500.

Two questions:

  1. Is this app compatible with both modules?
  2. I wish to be able to reduce energy consumption, typically by completely turning off power during energy peak hours and moving the filtration work to the hours of the day with lowest prices. Is that possible?

Hey @Gullars

Not sure about the 2 options. If they work with the ControlMySpa app then you’ll be able to control it via this Homey app. Make sure it’s not the Spa Control - BWA app

Turning off the system completely is not possible but you can set temperature modes to low and set the temp to a low value. Then it will consume less power.

Hope this answers your question :smiley:

Thanks for quick reply. Will check if the cheaper version works with the CMS app.

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Can you make the light card on when card? (Als kaartje)

@Bono_van_der_Pasch Sure! Will add it to the todo list :smiley:

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Hey martin

I am getting this message when trying too connect ??
Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘model’)

What too doo

Hey @Tonny_Nymann
Can you send a diagnostic report?

You can do that in the Mobile Homey app:

More - apps - controlmyspa - settings wheel right top - send diagnostic report


@Tonny_Nymann Thanks
Looks like your login is incorrect.

I have to make the error handling a bit better I see :confused:

Hi! Do i understand it right that there is two wifi-modules, were one of them working with this Homey-app and the other one is not?
I have the option to buy this wifi-module, but from what i can understand that is the one that will not work with this app? Wi-Fi Styrning Balboa – Svenska Badtunnor

Hey @Markus_Sandin
That’s the wrong one. That one works with BWA (Balboa Water App).

You need a wifi module which talks trough controlmyspa

Thanks for developing and maintaining this excellent app @martijnpoppen!

Not necessarily related to the app itself, but still related I would argue. Is anyone able to login to the ControlMySpa webpage, i.e. https://idmqa.controlmyspa.com/oxauth/login ?

I get the following error after entering username and password:

# Error Encountered
An unexpected error has occured at 2022-06-27 06:43:10 PM

If I try password reset it says successful, but it does not send me a new password (despite waiting for several hours, also checked my spam folder).

That webpage is broken for a While now :frowning:

Finally managed to get a bit further, but while registering my spa I get the following error;

Any clues? Tried different CMS codes, does not help. Removing Scandinavian characters, same. A bit clueless at the moment…

Is there some kind of intermittent issue with the CMS solution at the moment?