[APP][PRO] ControlMySpa

Oh this saves me a bit! Though still waiting deliver of our CMS, so will take some time before I can test this. Sent a couple of Paypal beers ;).

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Thanks @OH2TH.
And also for your donation. Really appreciated :smiley:

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New app update (test: 1.1.0):

  • NEW: add online and ready state

How to test: click above url and install the test version :slight_smile:


@Mike1233 fixed :smiley:

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New app update (test: 1.1.1):

  • FIX: online state & desiredTemp

New app update (live: 1.1.3):

  • FIX: online state & desiredTemp
  • FIX: align driver names
  • FIX: flowcards

Well done! Was so happy when i found your driver since i was 1000% certain that we had the balboa system in our spa!
Apparently the manufacturer have gone over to a new system called Gecko Intouch 2 for various improvment reasons according to them (i have no idea)

Is this something you could consider creating a driver for?

Thank you in advacne.

Best regards
Tim Eskilsson

Hey @TimEskilsson
Thanks :smiley:

ah that’s a shame.
I checked the Gecko Intouch but seems like there’s not much for it yet. Found a python package (GitHub - gazoodle/geckolib: Library to interface with Gecko Alliance spa pack systems via in.touch2 module) As far as I see there’s no API available so this would be a custom app. As I’m not that good with UDP packets I don’t think I can work on this.

You might want to consider asking this in Homey Community App Requests
Maybe there’s a developer out there who has more knowledge about this :slight_smile:

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Finally received our CMS and got it configured and connected with it’s app and controlmyspa.com.
Also got this app working quite nicely, however there seems to be some reliability issue with the connection from my Homey to the iot.controlmyspa.com service. When I restart ControlMySpa in Homey, it recovers the connection and status is updated for the device. It is unknown to me what happens. But last night (19:45EET) was the last measured temperature information received and after restarting ControlMySpa on Homey this morning (06:05EET) the temperature started updating again.

Hey @OH2TH
Hmm that sounds like a authentication issue. Can you send me a diagnostic report once that happens again? (reports are not kept during restarts).

You can send me a report via

More - Apps - ControlMySpa - settings wheel right top - send diagnostic report

Will do and send when this appears again. I also increased interval to 900 secs, so maybe it will be more stable now. Data doesn’t update that often on the server side anyway.

I saw the same thing. Did you experience an issue when you sent the report?

Yes, but lost the code for the report. It lost access after 8.30 EET, that is when I have the last temperature update.

Check, no problem for the report code :smiley: I get them in my mail

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When this happens, also the official mobile app becomes weird, it does login and show most information correctly, but measured and target temperature are both 40C, even though setting in physical panel is what they were really set.

hmm This sounds the same as @Mart_76 is experiencing.

The issue seems to be related to the API. It becomes unresponsive every now and then.

Could be, just now did get an successful update, so let’s keep monitoring and se what happens.

I’m going to add a button which allows manual update. Will be in the release soon :slight_smile:

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There is something else. I already discussed this with @Mart_76

There are 2 types of desiredTemps:

  • targetDesiredTemp
  • desiredTemp

So what it looked like is that the heater toggle changed between above two temperatures.

What I would like to know:

  • If you toggle the heater button is the desired temperature aligned with the official app?

I already made that switch in this release: [APP][PRO] ControlMySpa - #21 by martijnpoppen