[APP][Pro] Computherm Thermostat

Computherm Thermostat

This app can control wifi Computherm Thermostats.

Current status (beta)

The app is under development, but already tested with two thermostats (E400RF, E280).

I’m curious to get more feedback if the app can control other Computherm Thermostats.

List of devices to test is here.




First of all, thanks for the app and all the effort that you put into the development.

I’m currently testing your app on Computherm E280FC thermostat. So far, with only one thermostat it works great, but when I try to add the second one, it adds just the copy of the first device (same MAC when I check it under developer tools), and after that I get the red error: “Duplicate Device Data”.

I have tried to delete all the devices, and re-add them - same issue. Also, I tried to disconnect first (sucessfully added) thermostat from power, delete all the devices, and add only the second one, still no sucess. It seems like the app “remembered” MAC adress of the first thermostat, and wants to add only that one, over and over again…

Do you have any idea what is the issue?

Thanks for your reply.