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Hmmm, I see. It’s a corner case since not that many people will have that many Shelly devices. Adding a search filter is not up te me though, that would have to be added by Athom to the pairing wizard. I’ll post a feature request.


fyi. Trying to add the new Motion 2 and H&T plus in 3.10.1, throws error “Device not supported, contact developer”

Thanx, I’ll look into after my vacation. It’s weird though as I own both devices and for sure have tested the PlusHT. Perhaps the production version is different from my test device.

Could you post the output of http://shellyip/rpc/Shelly.GetConfig and http://shellyip/rpc/Shelly.GetDeviceInfo for both devices.

I’ll improve that error to include the device model which is supposedly not supported for easier troubleshooting.

H&T plus

{"ble":{},"cloud":{"connected":false},"devicepower:0":{"id": 0,"battery":{"V":6.07, "percent":100},"external":{"present":false}},"ht_ui":{},"humidity:0":{"id": 0,"rh":72.4},"mqtt":{"connected":false},"sys":{"mac":"7C87CE6BB044","restart_required":false,"time":"10:52","unixtime":1659343942,"uptime":87,"ram_size":235704,"ram_free":164296,"fs_size":458752,"fs_free":176128,"cfg_rev":8,"kvs_rev":0,"webhook_rev":0,"available_updates":{"stable":{"version":"plushtprod1"}},"wakeup_reason":{"boot":"deepsleep_wake","cause":"button"},"wakeup_period":43200},"temperature:0":{"id": 0,"tC":24.9, "tF":76.9},"wifi":{"sta_ip":"","status":"got ip","ssid":"kuno","rssi":-50},"ws":{"connected":false}}

{"ble":{"enable":false},"cloud":{"enable":false,"server":"iot.shelly.cloud:6012/jrpc"},"devicepower:0":{},"ht_ui":{"temperature_unit":"C"},"humidity:0":{"id":0, "name":null, "report_thr":5},"mqtt":{"enable":false,"server":null,"client_id":"shellyplusht-7c87ce6bb044","user":null,"topic_prefix":"shellyplusht-7c87ce6bb044","rpc_ntf":true,"status_ntf":false},"sys":{"device":{"name":"Conservatory H&T","mac":"7C87CE6BB044","fw_id":"20220722-090529/0.11.0-beta2-g54f3094","discoverable":true},"location":{"tz":"Europe/Stockholm","lat":59.369110,"lon":18.006080},"debug":{"mqtt":{"enable":false},"websocket":{"enable":false},"udp":{"addr":null}},"ui_data":{},"rpc_udp":{"dst_addr":null,"listen_port":null},"sntp":{"server":"time.google.com"},"sleep":{"wakeup_period":43200},"cfg_rev":8},"temperature:0":{"id":0, "name":null, "report_thr_C": 0.5},"wifi":{"ap":{"ssid":"ShellyPlusHT-7C87CE6BB044","is_open":true, "enable":false},"sta":{"ssid":"kuno","is_open":false, "enable":true, "ipv4mode":"static","ip":"","netmask":"","gw":"","nameserver":""},"sta1":{"ssid":null,"is_open":true, "enable":false, "ipv4mode":"dhcp","ip":null,"netmask":null,"gw":null,"nameserver":null},"roam":{"rssi_thr":-80,"interval":60}},"ws":{"enable":false,"server":null,"ssl_ca":"ca.pem"}}

Motion 2 is not a plus device, this is from /status and settings:

{ "device":{"type":"SHMOS-02","mac":"84FD271BE072","hostname":"shellymotion2-84FD271BE072","num_outputs":0},"wifi_ap":{"enabled":false,"ssid":"shellymotion2-84FD271BE072"},"wifi_sta":{"enabled":true,"ssid":"kuno","ipv4_method":"static","ip":"","gw":"","mask":"","dns":""},"mqtt":{"enable":false,"server":"","user":null,"id":"shellymotion2-84FD271BE072","clean_session":true,"max_qos":0,"retain":false,"update_period":60},"sntp":{"server":"time.google.com","enabled":true},"login":{"enabled":false,"unprotected":false,"username":"admin","default_username":"admin"},"pin_code":"","name":"South Light","fw":"20220720-094441/v2.1.7@f9b0e22f","discoverable":true,"build_info":{"build_id":"20220720-094441/v2.1.7@f9b0e22f","build_timestamp":"2022-07-20T09:44:41Z","build_version":"2022072009"},"cloud":{"enabled":false},"coiot":{"enabled":false,"update_period":3600,"peer":""},"timezone":"Europe/Stockholm","lat":59.369110,"lng":18.006080,"tzautodetect":true,"tz_utc_offset":7200,"tz_dst":false,"tz_dst_auto":true,"time":"21:19","sleep_time":0,"motion":{"sensitivity":50,"blind_time_minutes":5,"pulse_count":1,"operating_mode":0,"enabled":false},"led_status_disable":false,"tamper_sensitivity":2,"dark_threshold":100,"twilight_threshold":500,"schedule":false,"schedule_rules":[],"hwinfo":{"hw_revision":"dev-prototype","batch_id":0},"sleep_mode":{"period":60,"unit":"m"},"sensors":{"temperature_unit": "C","temperature_threshold":0.5},"temperature_offset":0.0 }
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I have a lot of shelly devices (~100) and I seem to have a more generic problem with the app.
Every few days it crashes, and it seems it does that when it reaches ~75 MB of memory usage.

I’ve generated crash report 0c18bc29-6e17-4fa1-82af-b367b30649cc after the most recent crash today.
Let me know if you need any additional information.

Is this on Homey Cloud or Homey Pro?

Some improvements have been implemented in version 3.10.x. If this will fix this memory leak, time will tell. I’ll be releasing this version to the public in about a week. You could already test it though, just read some post above here.

Hi @Phuturist ,
I am using the testversion too.
I have just replaced the devices with new ones but i have trouble adding the Shelly i3 an error popups
Error: No suitable device config found. This device might not be supported yet, please report this to the developer

Let me know if you need more information and how to get it for you :slight_smile:

Many thanks

I probably need to do some further testing when I get back. This error is shown when the driver can not match the device being paired with known model ID’s. But I’m pretty sure all reported devices giving these errors have been implemented correctly. Could be some timing issue but I’ll need to investigate.

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It’s Homey Pro.
Is there any way for me to try to identify what’s causing the leak? Any hints at what to try?

No, I have no experience troubleshooting memory leaks so your guess is as good as mine.

I would also need Support for the New Motion 2. I can’t add this Device.


On what version of the app? Should be supported just fine on 3.9.12.

Will be fixed in the upcoming 3.10.2 release.

Adding the motion 2 will be fixed in release 3.10.2. I have no issues adding two Plus HT myself (a test and a production unit). Could you try pairing it on 3.10.1 and send me a diagnostic report afterwards.

Could you try pairing it on 3.10.1 and send a diagnostic report afterwards. I dont know why the right device config isnt found and I do not have this device to test with.

Adding plus H&T in 3.10.1 works if it is battery powered. When USB powered it goes out of setup mode after a few seconds. I have reported that to Shelly.

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ah ok. i thought i am too stupid to add the device :slight_smile: . all other shelly devices works fine out of the box. Do you have an eta when the new version will be available? :slight_smile:

v3.10.7 - 10-08-2022

  • Important message: this release contains some non-breaking but fundamental changes. All previous device drivers have been deprecated for both Homey Pro and Homey Cloud. They have been replaced by a single unified driver for all Shelly devices. Your already paired devices will continu to function but new devices should be paired with this new driver. This will make adding future devices to the ever growing collection of Shelly devices a lot easier.

  • Added support for the Shelly Plus HT and Shelly Motion 2 for Homey Pro & Homey Cloud

  • Added support for outbound websockets, a new way of communication for Shelly Plus/Pro devices with Homey Pro

  • Add total energy consumption for Shelly 3EM for Homey Pro and Cloud

  • Add total power consumption for Shelly RGBW2 for Homey Pro and Cloud

  • Fix for Shelly TRV target temperature being out of bounds and causing an app crash

  • Various minor code improvements for both Homey Pro and Cloud

I’m sure the deprecation of currently used device drivers will raise concerns, especially since user will see a message about this in the Homey app. No worries, your devices will continu to function normally within Homey until I decide to fully remove the driver. For a lot of long lived drivers I will probably not remove them at all and no action is required, just ignore the message. I do intend to remove the more recently added drivers for all Plus/Pro devices at some point to reduce the apps footprint. With over 75+ drivers the Shelly app has grown huge. It’s hard to maintain and I’m worried this is starting to impact performance. If you have paired any Plus/Pro devices with Homey you are now encouraged to re-pair them using the new driver. I will probably remove the current drivers after the summer to give users some time to fix their flows.


Trying to add Motion 2 with 3.10.2 throws this error

Make sure it’s woken up during pairing. The error tells you Homey cant reach the device.

As far as I can tell, it is awake, responds to web gui, reports motion and tamper.