[APP][Pro&Cloud] frient Zigbee App (v2.4.0)

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These look very usefull to me.
The ‘always blink’-led is very annoying.

To be fair, i have a few aqara p1’s and thought that a “pro” - version would have (more) options and better reliability.

I hope the options in the screenshot could be added, then it would be a very nice addition in my home.

A solution would be if you could automatically arm the keypad X amount of seconds after the keypad has disarmed. If the update would allow Homey to do this, that would be perfect solution.

Had you any news about this major update for intelligent Keypad on Homey ?

We’re still testing and fixing minor issues.

Next week should be safe to say.

Thank you for your answer

Any further news on the update for intelligent Keypad on Homey? Is it ready for release now?

@frient Seems like only the inputs on IO module is supported in the Homey app, not the outputs? Will it be possible to add output on/off as “then” cards?

Use case is one Frient IO module on Watergard+ Linkbox zigbee network to send and receive signals to another Frient IO module on the Homey Zigbee network.

Hi Axel.

Outputs are of course supported in the frient app.

Also, with “then” cards:



We’re finalizing the update for the Keypad, in close collaboration with @DaneedeKruyff (developer of the Heimdall app.

The option to add RFID tags in a user friendly way, without manually typing the tag number, has been implemented.

I’m now validating the correct functioning of the interaction between the Frient Keypad and the Heimdall app for all the different scenario’s, arming and disarming from Keypad side as well as from Heimdall side.

With this update, the keypad will give entryDelay notifications when the Heimdall alarm is armed, inAlarm notifications when Heimdall is in alarm and exitDelay notifications when Heimdall alarm is set to delayed arming.

The last issue that needs to be resolved is aborting the delayed arming sequence from the keypad on the Heimdall alarm. Since this occurs quite often at our house, keys or ipad forgotten, this should function properly.

We expect to fix this issues early next week and will then finalize the app updates.
Both the Heimdall and Frient app updates will need to be released to the app store for the combination to work properly.

Hope this provides some insights in the progress; almost there.


I understand what you are doing with Heimdall, but what about the long standing request for the keypad to accept armed / disarmed states from a flow? This is necessary for use with a smart lock. The current issue when using with a smart lock is that the keypad seems to remember the last state it was used in. Therefore when you come to unlock the smart lock again, you have to manually set the keypad back to the Arm state, by entering your pincode and pressing the padlock lock button. Only then can you execute the unlock flow, by entering your pin and pressing the padlock unlock button. This is very confusing for visitors to my property and the keypad is useless for my needs. I feel disappointed about this as prior to buying the keypad I was informed by Frient that it would be suitable for use with a smart lock for my needs. Thats the only thing I want to use the keypad for and don’t have an alarm or anything else. So far I am very disappointed that it is missing this basic functionality.

@frient , i have tried to reinclude severeal times when you have released a new version of the app, but the issue is still the same. Can you have a look at it?


@frient That’s great! The Then-cards does not show on https://homey.app/app/com.frient/frient/ - that’s why I asked.

Any news on the app update with regards to the long standing request for the keypad to accept armed / disarmed states from a flow? I need this for use with a smartlock.

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I have a request for an extra option for the temperature sensors. Can you add the option for temperature compensation in steps 0.1 °C.

Then every temp. sensor i have will have the correct value

It will be possible to change the Keypad’s state with a flow while working with Heimdall.

This flow will change both - Heimdall surveillance mode and the physical Keypad’s mode to “Disarmed”.

The updates should be pushed to the store this week.

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Thanks for the feedback.

I’ll note it down for future upgrades :slight_smile:

I don’t use Heimdall. I just want to change the Keypad state for use with a smart lock. Will the update allow this? if not the keypad is useless to me.

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Hello. As stated many times by tommy_dog and many other users, this keypad is completely useless for mee too. I want to activate smartkey on lock/unlock with this keypad placed outside of my house, but it doesn’t recognize the unlock when the state is already in unlock state (or lock when the state is in lock already). Why there’s no way to send the lock or unlock or even automatic return state after a delay for example or any other possible ways? And then, why only one pin code is accepted? I thought we can program as many pin codes as possible ( or at least several pin codes) so that I can create and give one (temporary) pin code to my neighbor when I’m on vacation without the need to give my pin to them and then change this code once back from vacations. That’s not “smart keypad” at all…!!! And i really regret the purchase of this frient (NOT smart) keypad.
Do you have solutions and fixes planned for all these requests that many people already raised since more than 1 year?

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