[APP][Pro&Cloud] Frient Zigbee App (v2.3.1)

The app update for Intelligent Keypad is in development.

I’ve just received my FRIENT Keyboard and I am doing some test with it.

Up to now, I deplore that :

It seems impossible to

  • manage the list of tags, for instance to cancel one of them
  • know the tag used, for instance to manage several levels of authorization
  • know that wrong codes were attempted to use
  • Register several pin codes corresponding to several levels of authorization

Furthermore, I’ve seen a video on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PBQS1EXr7I) where the keyboard is speaking in French, something like ‘alarm is on’, ‘alarm is disabled’, ‘welcome …’
But my keyboard doesn’t speak at all. Is it faulty ?

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Do you think it will be possible in the future ?

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I do not own this device, but looking at the video it seems to me that the voice/sound you hear in the background comes from a Google speaker.


We’re working on a major update for Intelligent Keypad on Homey.

Regarding the sound you hear in the video - this is some sort of automation that triggers a speaker (like Google Home) playback whenever a condition is met.

Example of such flow:

The Intelligent Keypad does not have a built-in speaker.

OK …
It was misleading !

Still having issue with HMSZB-110 not reporting huminidity… i have 3 of them, and none of these report huminidity, not sure what to do to make them report (repaired several times, still no change)…

Please don’t use repair. Instead, delete the device from Homey entirely, factory reset it (hold the button until the LED flashes multiple times in a row), and add again, just as the first time.

Removed, included, same result

That’s really strange.

I’m running multiple different frient humidity sensors (both HMSZB-110 and HMSZB-120) on my Homey 2019 and Homey 2023 with the latest frient app, and there are no issues on any of them.

Try one more thing - delete the device once again → restart the frient app in settings → factory reset the device → add it again.

Still same result, even restarting homey did not help… i guess i will just have to get used no huminidity atm…

I’m sorry to hear that.

Would you mind trying to reset your Zigbee network, and/or uninstalling and installing our frient app?

Just note that resetting the Zigbee network will erase all devices you have on your Homey.

Uninstalling the frient app will obviously erase only frient devices.

Is it correct that i don’t see any settings for the device ( motion pro ).

Hello, I’d like to buy a frient keyboard and I was wondering how it works to change the access code? Can it be done in the Homey?

I bought the Frient intelligent keypad to use with a smart lock. Picking from the available cards my flow is very simple in homey:

Frient keypad Disarm – Smart lock unlock

The keypad is disarmed with a pin and then you have to press the padlock unlock button for the flow to complete executing and unlock the smart lock.

The issue is that the keypad seems to remember the last state it was used in. Therefore when you come to unlock the smart lock again, you have to manually set the keypad back to the Arm state, by entering your pincode and pressing the padlock lock button. Only then can you execute the unlock flow, by entering your pin and pressing the padlock unlock button.

This is a big inconvenience as the door does not get locked with the keypad (it simply gets locked by mechanical means by the user). Therefore the user must perform 2 actions every time they want to unlock the door:

Arm keypad with pin code
Disarm keypad with pin code
Smart lock unlocks

This is very confusing for visitors to my property

A solution I would like is for the keypad to automatically arm X amount of seconds after the smart lock has unlocked. Are there any workarounds for this in homey? I think the issue is that it requires a pin to arm and I can’t see any way that this could be automated?

You will see at the top of the discussion that i already requested the keypad to accept armed / disarmed states from a flow,
An update was promised on Feb 2023

Thats over a year ago that they promised an update! Any idea when the update is coming? Is there a beta to test?

I’m having my keypad on the wall since more than a year, completely unused because it can’t change state through a flow input… got a lot of promises that an update will come, i don’t know more

I also reached out Frient a few times, but they have not replied. Thats so disappointing. As it stands the keypad is useless to me and it is fit for the trash.

I’m sorry, I do not own both devices and maybe I’m over simplifying things, but isn’t this possible?

If smart lock is locked
Then arm key pad

If disarm key pad with pin code
And smart lock is locked
Then unlock smart lock

The update we promised is currently being tested.

We’re aware that it’s prolonging, and we’re sorry for that, however, we want to be sure that it will work as intended.