[APP][Pro] ChargeAmps

did you check if you see the start / stop when the charger is on?

Currently I have Internet outage (fiber cut) at home so no possibilities to dig into this now, hope to have it fixed on Thursday. Will look into this when every thing work again.

Update 28 Jan:
My internet is still out :face_with_spiral_eyes:, hope to have restored early next week…


Not able to look into this now due to problems with my internet connection being broken. But have a question regarding what you showed:

It says in the text “Only makes sense if rfidlock is on”

Are you using RFID lock?

nope. But I’m also not sure what would be the idea behind it. If it is the command which is now available in the app/website then it basically commands the start / stop of charging which you would need to do otherwise through the cars interface.

Hej, I was wondering if you still have a chance to look at that? Thanks

@SebastianW it is on my todo list.

Currently I am trying to add support for the AURA device, which have proven to be more challenging than expected but hopefully I will have basic support for that device soon.

Once that it completed I will dig into your issue

Development of AURA support progressing good, basic functionality with on/off for the two charging outlets are working and som other basic functionality in place.

Working on all the FlowCards and some last basic functionality, hope to have support completed within a week or two (dependant on getting some API data from someone)

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And I can now report back that it’s working for Dawn as well. I haven’t really played with any flows yet but I’m able to manually start and stop the charging and I do get to see some nice statistics. :slight_smile:

Thanks for a nice app and for your dedicated work.

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If you got 2 chargers, can you select onley one if them?


That was a really good question… Only have access to one so I am not able to test this myself.

A few Questions:

  • Have you installed the App and also received a API key from ChargeAmps?
  • Are both chargers registered with the same email & password?

My guess is that in the way that the app is coded today it will only work on the first charger and if you add a second charger in the app it will only control the first again. There are currently no logic in the code to handle multiple chargers on the same account.

Hi. I have homeassistant with the same token and login and there booth cahargers shows up.
Both chargers on same account and api from chargeamp yes.

I own a ChargAmp AURA, is there anything I can do to help with testing and debugging? Any beta version already available for it?


Have you requested and recieved an API key from ChargeAmps support?

A beta version with AURA support is close, but need help with output from a few commands from ChargeAmps API swagger. (It is rather easy)

If you are willing to assist and have an API key I can send you instructions about what I need help with in a private message.

Thanks for a great app and fun that it did happen.

Have i dreamt it or did you mention that in future version there would be monthly statistics? Would be fun to use that value to calculate costs.

Keep up the good work


You are not dreaming, there is an plan to someday introduce a “This Month” and “Previous Month” meter to the devices, perhaps even “This Year” and “Last Year”.

But those features are far down the priority list, now the focus is to add support for AURA and after that implement some extra features for the HALO.

But still some help from someone with an AURA to get some data out of the ChargeAmps API swagger tool to be able to implement basic functionality.

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Hi all
This looks very interesting.
So I have a Halo and I just today after having signed an API contract received my API key.
I have added it with my user and password and pressed save (not really getting any confirmation when saved) but it have stored it.
BUT - I only see charger ON
I do not get any values in the other fields.
See attached pic.
Have I done something wrong?
New on this :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply.

Are you still seeing the same output in the app? Initially the will be empty of data but should be populated as soon as you start to use it.


First let me express my gratitude to you for developing the Charge Amps app for Homey.
I saw in the community forum that the RFID control is not implemented but that there is some code that turns it off.
I usually use the RFID quite often in order to tie charging sessions to specific tags (attached to car keys and persons) in order to get some useful statistics from Charge Amps reports so it would have been a great addition to the app if it was possible to turn RFID lock on and off in flows.

I have a couple of BMW i3s cars which do not have the possibility to stop charging at a preset value so your solution together with the BMW app and the ability to turn the RFID lock on again would have bridged over this perfectly while still maintaining the possibility to tie comsumption to each of the cars.

Other than that your app delivers all that I could have wished for so thank you once more! :slight_smile:


No it started to work and it has worked like a charm so far :slight_smile:
All happy now