[APP][Pro] Broadlink App

About IR it is quite easy (I traduce French menues to English, so perhaps it is not exactly the same wording):

  1. Search for the hexa (pronto) code of the button you want to simulate
  2. Go to homey app, settings, experiments, enable “power user”
  3. In a flow, in the then section, add a card “send the infrared command” (into System group)
  4. Paste the hexa code in the card

If you want to add a device running this, you can create a virtual device (there is an app for that) and add it in the when section of the flow.

For the RF, it is more complex and it requires some coding… have a look at this:
(Vidéo are helpful)
Then use the Homey Developper Tool to register a button of your remote.
Then you can use this tool made by someone here to make a first analysis of the signal. The goal is to identify the header, the trailer, and the data in the middle, and to compute an average signal (because of noise, each register session will result in a slightly different signal, so we need to find a average one). You also need to understand the structure of the signal and how a change in low-high signal means a 1 or a 0. I had discussion with another member of the forum who helped me.
Once you have your signal, you have to copy it into a dedicated file in your app, register this signal, and sent it when the app triggers.
I will not go into detail about that, it would be too long, but the documentation was quite clear about that (the only part not clear is how the signal is structured, and so how to guess the average signal)