[APP] [Pro and Cloud] Daikin ONECTA

Thanks , The 3 wallunits FTXM20N are OK , correct driver is the Perfera (FTXM) :slight_smile:

For the ceiling ducted model FBA35A (FBA35A2VEB9), i’am going to create a new driver with all correct functions / options. Let you know when this is available

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Installed. No problems. Many thanks for the great work.

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@Alessandro_Rossi , New version in test where the ducted(FBA-A) units are added.
To install : Daikin ONECTA | Homey

Delete the ducted FBA device , install test version, add device again under correct driver/model.
Let me know if it works as expected, no missing or to much functiont/option :slight_smile:

Yes you can :slight_smile: , see first message of this topic for the donation link.

Nop , because Athoms verified developers program, donations links are not allowed on the app page. :frowning:
But see frist post of this topic for the a donation link.

App doesn’t work with Flows?

I setup 2 different flows with 2 different Daikins (pervera and stylish) and neither are turned on. Even if I make a full proof start trigger (time trigger) and/or manually kick off the flow. Is this a known problem? I have the Homey Pro if that makes any difference.

I tried same flows with Hue light as the ‘then’ and the light did turn on. But Onecta app doesn’t seem to accept flow commands?

PS: manually turning AC on in the Homey Onecta does work and turn on the AC.

It gives me the following error:

Schermata 2022-06-25 alle 18.11.11

No , this is not a known problem.

Can you share your flow so i can reproducei it?

Which version homey firmware your running?

Can you delete it again and add it again?
After that send me a new diagnostic report

Report id: c3a77665-cb08-4e60-8b6b-125bcbde2be7

Thanks, i have seen the problem, that a fuckup from my site.
Please install latest test version V2.2.3 from Daikin ONECTA | Homey
Same procedure : delete device, install test version, add device again.

Let me know how this works?

Really Perfect! Immediately installed the app and all units in Daikin account found and added tot Homey. Same friendly userinterface and all units immediately showed operation mode. For the first time feels this app feels like a wonder. Will gladly start using it. Once again, many thanks for all the work and perseverance!

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Now it’s working! All the features seems to be ok, I will try it in deep during the next days.

Thanks! :grin:

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I think this is how a flow is shared:

I duplicated the flow but swapped the AC with a Hue as the last step. Light turns on when manually tested.
Shared Flow | Homey

I am on 7.4.2 when I made the post, but it auto updated to 7.4.3 today. Still manually starting the flow doesn’t do anything.

Did you tried this?

Thanks for this amazing app and all your work of course. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.


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Just like the daikin onecta app each function can set individual.

So the temperature setting is set like your flow. Just tested it.

To turn the unit on/off you alsof need a extra flowcard in your then to turn the unit on/off

Same if you want to switch operationmode or e.g. fan.

Thanks @Mickel_Luiten :star_struck: works like charm for me at least :ok_hand:

Awesome. Got it to working, it is indeed:

  • turn on AC
  • then set temp.

Setting temp without turning on the AC doesn’t work (which kinda makes sense if you think about it from technical point of view since each is probably its own API call.

Thanks a bunch, donation is going your way. This was the app I was waiting for to start automating climate control in my place and why I got Homey in the first place.