[APP] [Pro and Cloud] Daikin ONECTA

Great work! hopefully we can use the app soon :smiley:

I do think we have a different idea of “very soon” but grateful for the work and time you put in!

Sorry,. Daikin is ridiculous slow with providing the production API keys.

Be patiënt is the magic word…


I’m also following this with great interest!

I’ve started working on my own solution/app that implements Apollon77’s daikin-controller-cloud library which jumps through some hoops and probably not the most stable way forward. So an app that actually uses API keys from Daikin sounds perfect

Btw, if the API responses are the same, then Econo mode should be a settable parameter i believe.

If there’s anything I can do to help on the application, feel free to send me a message. Looking forward to the release!

Hi Eric, Great work but the Apollon77’s daikin-controller-cloud library uses a MTM proxy to get the API keys from the ONECTA app, If Daikin change this keys Appollo’s solution will not work anymore and you need to get the new keys, this is not what a normal user want, its a bit technical.

My App is already complete and fully supported and official with own API keys.(by NDA)

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I am a little confused now. I allready found a Daikin app in the store from an other developer. What is the difference with the one you are developing?
In two weeks they will install my Daikin Perfera (FTXM-R). Which app do I need then?

All Daikin models from 2021 and newer (also the Daikin Perfera) only talks to the cloud and Daikin Residential Controller app(or ONECTA).
The current app from developer @Homey_Lampje uses a local connected API and will not work with e.g. Prefera model (i myself has also 2 prefera models at home)

Hoping to launch my app soon, Daikin is almost ready with some legal stuff…

Thanks for the reply. So I have to wait for your app, any thoughts how long this will take?

I hope next upcoming weeks.
Last week i saw some progress in ny mail between athom and daikin. Lets hope that daikin legal will accept the terms ASAP.


I really do hope this gets somewhere. But in the meantime there’s a Home Assistant integration which already does the trick (yes, with the cloud API of Daikin).

Can’t help but feel Daikin is shooting themselves in the foot with the unending delays.

This multi-billion multinational is indeed probably heading straight for bankrupcy by ignoring this incrowd.

Unnecessary sarcasm aside, you’ll notice my post mentioned the availability of a plugin which somehow manages not to need the “official” API. From that, one could derive that the shooting in the foot pertains not to bankruptcy (seriously…?) but to them not getting control over usage of their API by having waited too long to provide an official means to do so.

Hello, maybe someone already ask before but do you think it is possible to have Daikin energy information render into homey energy. other Daikin app cannot do that and it’s a shame.

I have been thinking about the energy in homey
The way how Athom has integrate the energy consumption vs the way daikin has done this are very different methiods and i don;t think its possible to combine that.

Sorry for the delay(s) , also i don’t understand why this taking so long!
But maybe in the meantime you guys can help me out?

To make the app for homey as friendly as its can get and because homey doesn;t support dynamic capabilities options i would like to know wich type of indoor(AC) unit you have and which functonalities this unit supports. the functonalities you can see this in the ONECTA app from daikin.

As example (what i have in my home and did the development on)
Model : Perfera wall unit (FTXM)
functonalities (from the ONECTA app) :slight_smile:

  • General On / off
  • Powerful mode (on /off)
  • Economo mode (on /off)
  • Streamer mode (on /off)
  • operation mode : auto, cooling, heating, dry, fan_only
  • Temperature setting for mode : auto, heating, cooling
  • Fan speed : auto, indoorunit quit, manual (1-5)
  • Horizontal : Off, Turn
  • Vertical : Off , Turn , comfort airflow.
  • Indoor temperature
  • outdoor temperature

There are many other like Humidty sensor, Vertical swing Windnice, Vertical floor heating, etc.

Would be great if you can send me a PM with above information for other units like Emura, Stylish etc. The need to be supported by the ONECTA app!!
The PM can be in dutch.

WIth this information a can make a driver with correct capabilities for each model.
Thanks in advance.

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I really like the initiative for developing a new app for Daikin and big thanks for the effort and time.
I will send you some info on my Daikin as soon as my trust level go from 0 to 1 :laughing: just created my account even though I owned my homey for at least 3 year now :shushing_face:

Thank you all for the input

The following models i have received sofar :

  • Perfera FTXM (wallunit)
  • Perfera FVXM (floorunit)
    YES , there is a diffetence between the wall and floor unit
  • Stylish FTXA
  • Emura FTXJ
  • Origo II XRH FVXM (floor)
  • Skyair (FDXM )

If there any (old) units not yet in the list please let me know.

I’m not 100% sure which model I have. But this is what the ONECTA app says:

Hmm nope thats the wifi module.
I have this model perfera R32 FTXM35R

I have FTXM35R2V1B (with RXM35R5V1B), so I guess that’s already covered.