[APP] [Pro and Cloud] Daikin ONECTA

Any further news? Is Daikin dragging their feet or is this the normal time for them to verify the impact on their API?

Just received a message from Daikiin, migration to daikin production will not take place in 2021.
When i can;t tell you unfortunately.

Alright, thanks for letting us know!

Any news?

Nope, unfortunately not
Daikin takes a lot of time for all.

They’re Japanese after all!

UPDATE : Last steps are made, app is reviewed and aprroved by Daikin, now Athom has to sign the API-Agreement, when that done i will getiing the production APIkeys and can upload the app to the appstore


That’s great news

I have the BRP069B41 WI-FI module.

Two questions:

  1. Will this app be usefull/work for me
  2. Will it give any more functionality then the Daikin app that already run and works on Homey for me?

Reason for asking is that after I swapped IPhone app from “Daikin online controller” which the company that installed the unit told me to use and over to “Daikin Residential Controller” (in other words the same as this homey app) I see that there is more functionality among having energy readings

  1. Theoretical it should work.
    Inside Info : Daikin has told me that the current WIFI Modules that are using the current Homey Daikin app (Daikin AI App voor Homey | Homey) by @Homey_Lampje will get a upgrade so they can comminicate with this cloudsolution where my app also communicating with. After this upgrade the old local API is also available so users can choose.

All old models (also known as DX2 or DX3) gettings this update upcomming months and after that the android / apple app is also the new one ( Daikin Residential Controller or the new rebranding name Daikin Onecta)
New Models ( also know as DX4) are only communicating to the cloud solution.

  1. Don’t know i don’t use the current app. see one of the above messages where are functionality’s are written.([APP][DEVELOPMENT] : Daikin Residential Controller / ONECTA - #17 by Mickel_Luiten).

I think you have already received the update if you are using the Daikin Residential Controller app.
Not all features are implented in my app , still in development.
The energy setting of daikin is a different aprroach then the one from Homey, need to check what is the best way to implented this feature.

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It’s just a few days ago i spotted the new app, and tried to install it and it worked great. The interesting part is that my electrical consumption from last year also shows in the new app, so somewhere they store this data even if it wasn’t available in the other app.

Here is some images, i don’t know if any of the helps/make sense/is of interest.

What does this have to do with the Homey plugin?

Really super that you’ve put in all the work. And hopefully all will be finalized soon. We are anxiously awaiting the release to drive our (multiple) units. Using them more and more this winter. This message just to say many thanx and to support you efforts.


Was this question to me?

Any news about the release of this app? We had three units installed last week with BRP069C4x and would like to use them with Homey.

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Not yet, still waiting for Athom<–>Daikin for contract and API productionkeys

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Hi Tormod,
No, no question. Just a sincere ‘thank you’ :).
Kind regards,

I just got the daikin stylish models, installed with the daikin controller app…ik now onderstand this does not work with Homey. How can i connect all AC’s in de residential (samsung store calls it Onecta) app? Or should i de-install and do it all over again?

Just wait for this app(daikin Onecta for homey) in the homey app store.

Looks like it it will be launched very soon :grimacing:

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Thnks i will wait…untill it releases just the daikin app…and perhaps google home…