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In fact it is not impossible, it can be doable with the skill « voice monkey » for instance, which is the purpose.
There is a need for such additional Alexa skill which is able to ask any question, listen answer without keyword, and trigger something depending on the answer. This skill is triggerable by a routine (or by asking Alexa to run it, which can be done with the Homey Alexa skill from @Jamie ).
But it is very complex to put in place, and I face some blocking bugs (intents seems not well implemented, at least in French, so « yes » / « no » are not always well catched )

Afaik most of what voice monkey can do is already available in Jamie’s alexa app. Voice monkey has the same limitations as any other app.

@Jamie yea wake word will be an issue at this point. Once alexa gets a function to create question routines which would have to open up the mic after it asked its question.
I can see this being a nice feature but at the same time is this a big privacy/security thing.

@Jepke It seems like you didn’t had a look to this voice monkey skill: it is managing custom interactions without using the wake word. I had a test and this is working well, so it is not impossible.

Ok, @Ezeta chill, you asked a question, we tried to help you, you were not satisfied, this is a thread about the alexa homey app I wrote not some random skill.

It is impossible for my app to ever do what you are asking, thats fine, no one here is asking you to use my app, if the wake word upset you, please don’t use my app. Feel free to write your own application, or create a new thread on the forums in order to talk about this skill you have such deep respect for.

In the mean time, ill be deleting any off-topic posts.

Sorry if you misunderstood my messages. I love you app, I use it a lot without any issue and thanks for the time you spent on it.

It was not an all my purpose to criticize your work, I was just suggesting an improvement and Voice Monkey was introduced in the discussion only to show what I meant. I fully understand that you don’t want to spend more time on it and prefer now to do something else. which is even more understandable when that work is totaly free.

And my last message was only answering to Jepke that such behavior was not technically impossible to do currently (to not discourage someone that would want to spend some time to try to do it, what I don’t want to do either). On the other side, as I said before Voice Monkey is not good enough either because not working well on some other points, so I won’t use it.

I love the app. I am a new Homey Pro user and I can see this being an important part of my flows. I have read the FAQ about adding new devices. I do not completely understand all the info that is needed but before I try to find the info, I noticed that no Fire devices seem to be added. With the correct info, is it possible to add a Fire TV Cube?

While its possible to add a fireTV, most flows which exist for an echo, will not be actioned on a FireTV unless the device is on and active.

This device was available in the past, but it created to many complaints and questions from users as to why “their powered down tv was not doing what they wanted”.

So its unlikely ill re-add them as devices.

Because this is my hobby, and something I do for fun, if it stops being fun generally, I stop either doing it or sharing it.

Thank you. Still love the app!

@Jamie This post is from quite some time ago but one of my Alexa devices is a Fire TV Cube 1st Gen. If you can support it that would be great. If I can/need to test anything please let me know. I also have several Denon Home/HEOS speakers with Alexa in the house next to Sonos speakers. Do you plan to support Denon in the future as well?


Oeps, I just read these last messages. Isn’t there a difference between FireTV sticks etc. and the actual FireTV Cube? To me as a user it behaves the same as my 2x Echo dot 2nd gen 1x Echo dot 1st gen, Echo Show 1st Gen, Echo show latest Gen (Gen4?) and latest echo Dot. It’s always on and listening for the Alexa callout. It’s kind of an Echo Show to me with the ability to use my TV as the screen but that’s definitely not needed. I can plug the HDMI out and it simply does all the things my Echo dots do too.It’s powered seperately from the TV. It’s even impossible to power with TV USB or anything like that (special round plug).

I am not sure, I don’t have one so I cant say if it acts like a Fire or an Echo with in the code.

Any way we can check. I can ofcourse test or check if you can point out where to look for.

And do you have any plans and / or are willing to support the third party Alexa speakers of Denon?

I have added third party devices in the past (echobee, Sonos) , not particularly interested to do so in the future as each device is different to an echo and has unique features.

Its very hard to add support with out access to the actual device (I own an ecobee)

Today I’ve run into the error with reauthentication. I can’t get a token, because I’ve got an error page from Amazon after providing login credentials.

Here’s my diag-id:

@Jamie maybe you can take a look into the diagnostic information. I didn’t changed anything. My account (Amazon.de / Server EU) hasn’t changed and I have OTP enabled for several years (SMS and authenticator app). I installed the test-version too and same error.

Today I tried again and it’s working now. Strange behavior :thinking:

For what it’s worth, I was running into constant issues why it would reset my connection every few days with the EU servers. I now use the US servers and it has been rock solid again since then.

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Thank you for the reply, after changing EU (where I gotten an error every time) to the US works the first try.

Hello @Jamie

Thank you for your exceptional application. I use it every day and I’m interested in the integration of Echo Pop and Echo Dot 5 devices. Could you please confirm if this feature is still planned for your future updates?

Best regards,

As so many entries on here, i have the issue of adding an Alexa device to my Homey Pro23. i
I have sent a diagnostic report

I have followed the suggestions of various people in this thread

Anyone got the magic formula? I suspect it is something to do with wrong servers USA .com, vs UK .co.uk (where my content and devices are managed), and even Germany .de as sometimes the page where i am supposed to enter the 6 digit code sent to me switches into german.

Hello @Jamie,

I wanted to install the app and add my echo show 5 2nd gen, but after I login i get a page from amazon saying ‘Sorry, we couldn’t find that page’. Can you help me to identify what’s wrong?

Beste regards,


Hey Jamie, is the source code for the extension public? I would look into adding color support as it’s something I need.