[APP][Pro] Amazon - Alexa

Hi … Sry i have Just Seen that in the Update from 3 days ago the Show 5 Gen 2 is added … Thnxs for that !!!

I try to add it BUT IT IS Not finding my 2 Shows !
Alexa App ist installed and it is finding all my devices !!! And my 2 alexas
But the Alexa App on homey IS Not finding Thema
Ideas !?

See if the config is still good, go into the config to set the amszon server again

It Is still connected
I also reconnected
Still nothing :frowning:

I have got a problem with the Alexa then card “Speak Text”:

Sometimes there is a delay of nearly 60 sec until the text is spoken. Sometimes the text is spoken immediately. The notification check is sent immediately and the stopwatch stops 8 ms later each time. So I think it is maybe a problem on the Alexa side.

Any idea what the reason for the delay could be?

If i try to add a device it tryes to Connect But will Not Work
If i do a reconnect in the App itself. It Is connecting. If i Just Go on connect in the App Same Like If i try to add a device
I tryed to deinstall Same
IS there a way to completely disconnect from my Account !? Not only disconnect But deleted my Account inside the app