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I go back to my previous comment.
For those who have the same problem as me, it’s just that you have to configure the “Amazon Alexa” application before you want to add a product.

You will not be able to configure the application (connection) during the process of adding a product.
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I might have broken the default settings object, that could explain this. Thanks for finding that solution :+1:t2:

It can not find devices who are connected and working like ceiling fan and xiaomi air purifiers within alexa itself. In the homey app. Just a time-out on adding other devices… No tiks to untik etc.

You can‘t add every device that Alexa knows
They also work with apps only
For homey and Xiaomi purifier, you have to use Mi Homey from Homey Community Store
For some purifier it works

??? that looks like a store we can not acces in the app. Or is this the older version of the token based app who is was already aged and does not work anymore(v3.08 and 2 years outdated)?!
I checked that one but thats useless because of token retrieval is not working anymore as described.

A can luckily voice control the purifier with alexa. But i need the connection with homey.

Do you have clicked the link?
It‘s a alterante store
My Xiaomi purifies are working fine with this app
You have to find out the keys of the purifier with a special software and so you can add your devices. Google will help you

Hi. Still not possible to add an Echo show 5 (Gen 2) for me (i have the latest version of the app).
Even if it is proposed in the device’s list, the app says that no new device have been found.
Am i the only one ?

Yes please be so kind and add support for Echo Show 8 2nd Gen.
Br Manni