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That is Strange. I have TFA and i an testing just now of the Connection to the eu servers is stable and i don‘t habe to restart the app every four Hours to be connected again. But i know that i could connect without TFA before. But this was with the old App. Not the new one.

Where would I send it to? :slight_smile:


Has been release to the live channel.

3.1.100 : Adds support for importing smart lights from Alexa.
3.1.101 : Updates the smart appliance images to match icon.
3.1.200 : Adds support for the Echo Show 5 (gen1). (Thanks @Kaoh)

@victoroos You might need to put it in the cloud and then send me a Direct message. You can use one Drive, github, google drive … what ever works :slight_smile:

Hi Jamie,

Still enjoying your app a lot! Do you plan to support Echo Dot Gen3 with Clock?

If I am supplied the information I require, (see FAQ) ill happily add the alexa with clock. :slight_smile:


Is now available to test, this release adds support for third party alexa devices.

  • Ecobee 4
  • Sonos One
  • Sonos Beam
  • Netgear Orbi Voice

With third party devices is important that each flow is properly tested as many third party devices will not support the full range of Alexa features. Playing sounds, Alexa Announcing, Alexa Whispering, Simon Says and Simon Says Whisper, etc.

Unfortunately any devices which cant be tested will be removed, I fully expect some features to not work. I just need to be informed as to which ones so I can update which flows work for which devices.

cc: @Rocodamelshekima @Kaoh


Test so far:

Sonos One

#Play a sound : :x:

#Say something: :white_check_mark:

#Simon says: :x:

#Alexa good morning: :white_check_mark:

#with Alexa/sing a song: :x:. Music stops, no song.

#Fun with Alexa/Joke: :white_check_mark:

#Play music Spotify: :white_check_mark:

#Set volume to: :white_check_mark:

#Pause: :x:

#Toggle play/pause: :x:


orbi voice test:
all actions seem to work except:
alexa says: Announce/wistle.
Speak works.
Simon says does nothing.

all music controls/fun/etc seem to work fine

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@Jamie Thx for this great App… For my opinion Its one of the best Apps are available for homey now! :grinning:

Now I can use my meross devices on homey without the way over IFTTT! That’s amazing!

Do you think you can add Window Coverings wich are connected to alexa too?

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  1. SVG of the new device in the same aesthetic as the other icons I have.
    i sent you a PN with the pic
  2. An image of the device ideally 2000x2000px in the same aesthetic as the other images I have (white background etc).
    i sent you a PN with the pic
  3. The name of the device, and its average power usage.
    Echo dot with clock, 2,5W in average
  4. The unique identifier of the device, I can normally find these out with some help and a diagnostic report.
    if you tell me how i will help
  5. Someone to test each and every feature of the app upon new device and report back if any features
    do not work.
    i’m willing to do the tests

Hi @widameista the SVG supplied doesn’t match the existing icons and wont work in Homey :frowning: :


how can i create the svg? i tried various online converters, but the result is not good.

other idea. as it is exactly the same machine as the normal dot (3rd) you can use the svg from the normal dot.

Hey Jamie thanks for the amazing app. Ive just added the sonos beam and had the same outcome as Rocodamelsheki results.
Just wondering on the smart light will colour change be added? All lights working great and dim capability.
Made a small donation for your hard work mate.

those conversion are fine as a start. then use a svg capable editing tool and get down to business :wink:.
if it was easy work than jamie would do it.


Play/Pause doesnt work with grouped items, just confirming that your Sonos one isnt in a group?

Was grouped yes, wil test ungrouped tonight

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Sorry and just to confirm that alexa annouce and alexa whisper both work correctly?

Will report back tonight m8


Has been released to the test channel, it resolves some issues with third part features

  • Removes Simon Says from Sonos One, Sonos Beam and Orbi voice.
  • Removes whisper and announce from Orbi voice
  • Removes ‘sounds’ from Sonos One and Sonos Beam

@Markus_F window coverings are possible but low on the priority list as I dont have a window covering which makes it incredibly difficult.


I could make an SVG out of it for you, no worries. :slight_smile:
Only @Jamie I don’t know how to get the ID :slight_smile: