[APP][Pro] Alsavo Heat Pump for Swimming Pools

Dear Community,

I am happy to announce the upcoming app to support Alsavo Heat Pumps for Swimming Pools.
I am at the latest stages of testing for the first version, and about to release it to Beta testers. If anyone is interested in assisting Beta testing, please come forward.

I will update this forum when the app will be released.
@Zdenik03 @Michael_von_Barner


It’s so brilliant Gal.


Hi Gal. I would like to test the app.

Br Niels

Hi @Niels_Johansen -
Thanks for showing interest. I am on the final stages of testing, I will release a test-version with partial capabilities soon. I will let you know.

Great news !

Christopher Charpentier

Thank you Gal!

I’m looking forward to the test app.


i can help testing if needed.

An update: I just submitted the first version of the app to Athom for review and approval. It usually takes them ~2 days to approve.
Once they approve, I will provide a test link for members who want to test the app during its Beta phase and provide feedback.
I will update with the progress…

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I do accept to test !

Christopher Charpentier


The first version of the app is ready for testing!!! :slight_smile: :smiley:

Please take the version from the test-link:

Once installed, you should add the device by providing the device’s serial number and password (without any dashes or spaces).

Please go over the capabilities (left hand side of the screen), and the flow-cards.
Once you play with it a bit, I would appreciate any kind of feedback

  1. Missing functionality - additional capabilities that you would like to see, additional flowcards that are missing, etc.
  2. Bugs - crashes, misbehaviors, performance issues, hangs. For bugs you report, please send diagnostic reports after reproducing the bug. While sending the report, add a few words about the bug you have seen
  3. Any other issue that comes in mind

Looking forward for any kind of feedback!


Working brilliantly so far! I just bought my heat pump today, and was more than thrilled to see this effort made when i saw you post just now!

Side note: My Heat pump goes by the brand name “ArcticPro ECO”, sold by a Norwegian company. Not sure if Alsavo app/API is used for many brands, but in case someone stumbles on this, I can report, yes it works for this brand as well! Sorry about all the exclamations, i just got excited.

Well done :smiley:

EDIT: Preliminary comment: Is it reporting very often? Insight graph looks fairly populated. If all parameters report this often it may put strain on Homey?

Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear its working for you.
As for the question - It is reporting often but I did not see any performance impact on my Homey. Did you see any CPU rise?
I can easily increase the updates intervals in order to ease up on the load, but i did not find any reason to do so till now. What do you think?

Anyone else tested the app? Any feedback?

So far it looks really good. Have made some flows last night and will see if they work later today when the sun panels get to work :slightly_smiling_face:

Great to hear that.

To be honest, i don’t -yet- see any impact on CPU/load except for “in my head”, thinking about the myriad of apps I have all making requests every second, it must make an impact, no? :smiley:
However, I also think it may not be necessary with this resolution in case it does make a difference, and also to be able to ready the insights graphs better.
Still think it’s a great app!
Best regards

Thanks. :blush:
I will open my eyes on performance. If there are issues, I have several ways to improve it.

Connection issues.
The app seem to struggle a bit now. Stops reporting, so i need to restart the app sometimes to get it going again. If there is a way for me to export a debug log, let me know.

When the app is restarted, the log for the device shows “Turned off X minutes ago by Alsavo Pool Heat Pumpo”" and second later “Turned on x minutes ago by Alsavo Pool Heat Pumpo”" . Not sure if it actually turns the Heat pump off - an on again, but atleast this is what’s reported. It would not be ideal if it cycles the heat pump off/on every time the app restarts ofcourse.


There is a way to export debug logs: Go to app settings and click on “Create Diagnostics Report’. It will send me your report.

As for the turn off/turn on – this should not happen. The app is not supposed to do that. Where do you find the logs of the device? I am actually very interested in those as well – it might imply what is wrong.

Can you share them with me?

Thanks !
Seems to work !

Christopher Charpentier

Excellent. If possible, please continue to monitor for a day or two - there are reports on connectivity issues and I want to understand the scope.