[APP][Pro] Advanced Triggers - Trigger and action cards with eventname for Advanced Flows

Hi Arie,

Je app is precies wat ik zoek als ik de omschrijving lees. Maar bij het selecteren van DAN… krijg ik geen opties te zien met Start Triggernaam … . Alleen maar opties met Return Naar … . Wat doe ik verkeerd? Alvast bedankt voor de hulp!

And in English. This is the English part of the forum.
This makes it easier for all of us to help you.

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They only show in advanced flows, because the have tags.

Should it be possible to have multiple flows triggered by the same Adv-trigger name?
I have two flows triggered by the same trigger but only one (the firstly created) is triggered.
Both uses sequential trigger, finish all, 200 ms delay.

@Anders_Gregow Yes, but not if you use sequential, because the app will make sure only one flow is triggered at a time.

Ah, thanks for enlighten me.

So default and any of the debounce choices should work?!

I am not fully sure tbh.
If you use debounce, it might also only trigger one flow at a time.
I am not sure.

Seems to only work for default setting.
Shouldn’t it be possible to have it work for all different settings?

Yeah i guess it should.
Can you create a ticket for it?
I’ll look into it!

Current “issue” is, when the trigger is completly identical, it is considered as one trigger.

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Can someone explain what the last sentence means and does in this trigger-card?

“en zet wacht op gereed op Ja/nee”
“and set wait for ready to Yes/no”

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-10-10 om 10.11.32

If set to “Yes” this card will not finish until the flow triggered by it has finished.
So, if this triggers a flow with a 10 seconds delay this card will not finish until 10 seconds later.
This is to synchronize flows.


Really new to this app (like under one hour), but I was told I could fix my issue using it.

What I was hoping for was to be able to define some commonly used logic and call it from my flows. I’ve set it up as follows (and I think that should be right), but I’m unsure how I can call it from my flow and return true/false or 1/0 or whatever - and then handle the rest of my flow based on the exit state.

Anyone got any tips for me? Cheers!

You should end the flow with the card “Return to” and add the ID tag from the start card.
By this the result will be forwarded to the start card, to which you will continue the starting flow with the results.


I tried the following, but “SensorLogic” should return “no” but the logic in the lower (calling) logic gets a “yes”. If I’m completely off, would you happen to know an example I could have a look at?

I think Arie needs to answer on this.

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@Arie_J_Godschalk Think you can help me out with my query above? The app looks like it has awesome possibilities - I just need to understand it :stuck_out_tongue:

Surprised it doesn’t return “IDK” :blush:
I cant follow the spaghetti…

First add timeline cards in parallel to the "Adv. triggers cards with “yes” and “no” cards.
This way you’ll discover what actually happens, and if it actually sends “Yes” all the time or not.:wink:

Yeah, the spahetti is why I want to move this part of the logic out of the flow and rather use it as a function. Also, I need it in a few places and it’ll just clutter everything…

Anyway - I tried to insert timeline functions, but it doesn’t even seem to be starting.

I’m starting it with the lower code snippets (just trying to figure out the basics before I insert it into my flow…

What happens when you test run the flow from the top left card?