[APP][Pro] Advanced Triggers - Trigger and action cards with eventname for Advanced Flows

Well no, it should work like this: You can even select the right card(5args if) from the other cards (1, 3 and 5 args then).
So it works partly, not sure why it doesn’t trigger.
Do you ming creating a ticket for it?

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I think I have the same problem. See triggers below.
Scherm­afbeelding 2023-05-25 om 18.26.38

The top one works as it should, but the second trigger doesn’t work.

It seems there is some randomness as to which trigger cards work and which don’t. How do I create a ticket?

QlusterIT / nl.qluster-it.AdvancedTriggers / issues — Bitbucket

And please include a TEF (flow export through the Device Capabilities app settings), that way, i am sure to get the real background data in the flow, making solving it way easier!

Done :slight_smile:

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Okay, Resolved in 1.5.6.
When you had overloading and sequential, it didn’t work as expected. Now it does.
However, there is an issue on the HP2023 since it doesn’t wait for the trigger to finish the flow, i have reported this to Athom.

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Thanks for the TEF, that helpt a lott, since the issue is not with the action/Then cards, but how you have setup the triggers/When cards:

These 2 triggers are considert as one card, since all arguments are exactly the same.
And since you have debounce on, it will make sure a trigger is only fired once every 5 seconds.

Thus, the above trigger is fired from your first action/Then card, but the second trigger will not fire within 5 seconds.

To do this, you need to change the flow a bit:
You now have (i love TEFs :slight_smile: ):

Change this to:

Now it works if i trigger any of the action/Then cards you have.

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Hm, I can’t get return values to work for HP2023. Same flow works fine on my older HP, but not on the new one. Is there something i’m missing?



@Hampus1 No, there is a bug on hp23, i have reported it today at Athom.
I’ll post it here when it’s fixed.


Thank you @Arie_J_Godschalk ! And thanks for your great work, fantastic support etc! keep going!

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Well, atm, it look’s like Athom is keeping there fundimantal change on the HP2023, meaning, if thats the way they (keep) going, Advanced Triggers (and multiple other apps of mine) will NEVER work correctly on the HP2023.
homey-pro-early-2023 - Homey Community - 1 new item - Slack
I have requested again if they will change it back to how it works on the HP2019, lets hope for the best.
Else, stuff like a Great Public Anouncement System with Advanced Triggers, Google Service and the BetterLogicLibrary, are not gonna work on the HP2023.
Personally, my PA system is my most important usages on my Homey, and this not working correct (speech starting before the other speech is finished), is the main reason i reverted back to the HP2019 after trying to migrate a few times.

So, let’s hope Athom/Emile changes his mind…


Shhhhhh…and I was just wondering yesterday how to implement it :-(((

Well, let’s all hope they change it back / build it like the HP2019, because i personally will send back or sell my hp2023 for this, because i’ll not just support Athom with buying there stuff, developing apps and supporting the HP2023 if i cannot migrate myself, it makes developing to hard.

And while i understand the device itself is in Beta, and i am fine helping by reporting bugs and stuff.
But im getting sick of all kind of changes to the SDK3, especially ones that make existing apps non-functional.
Espessially Advanced Triggers, with sequential execution, debouncing and returning values, all those functions, will not work on the HP2023. And why? Not because it’s not possible, it works amazing on the hp2019!

So, lets hope they still are willing to changed it, but we’ll see…


Sometimes they do decision which are not really well justified indeed :frowning: I share your frustration but dare you sent HP23 back ! :slight_smile: Please.

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Well, my Announcement system is worth more to me than migrating to hp2023, i still only use it for developing.
And keeping apps up2date for hp2023 and older models already cost much time, and i think i might actually be glad to save time just supporting older models, it’s much simpler. I spend a lot of time helping/testing/developing for hp2023, without any personal use so far.
And donations are still less than the hp2023 cost, plus, the hp2019 runs stable.
So, i really don’t have a very big issue dropping the HP2023. It looked like a “dream”, but sofar, for me, thats all it is, and the dream is shattering…

There are just so many announcements made the whole day, for me, my wive and the kids, im not gonna drop that. While droping the hp2023 will just save time, money and energy :slight_smile:

Only issue is, once the hp2019 breaks, then you have issues. Thats why i prefer to go with the times and the flow, making apps ready for hp2023.
But i do have my personal wishes and limits, and those are pretty much reached, with the many (imo) unneeded unannounced changes to SDK3.

So, i wish they change it.

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Actually after learning how much a community developer can make when having multiple apps in the store…this is SHAME for us, users !
When I’m doing donations, let’s say 10 EUR, I was expecting I might offend someone by buying coffee - the opposite is the true.
So here I’m saying, whoever is using some Community app, and did not appreciate at least by penny, shame on you (this is not just about you Arie, this is based on several others developers experience).

No wonder, SDK is still quite complex stuff even beyond my imagination as user - coordinate rewrite, implement new functionalities, new technologies, ensuring some backwards compatibility, yet getting it ready for new RPI4 platform, while making adjustment in parallel AND not having Changelog in place (a pity!), this is indeed a bummer. Yet going trough Developer channel and trough internal HP23 channel, so much has been done already and it’s almost on the finish line, so please don’t give up now :wink: After so much effort ! Again, saying - I hear you, I understand you but still - it’s one, despite it’s great, functionality, but it’s just one. Still, joining that fight on relevant places, let’s see.


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Example for the HP2019 and older models:

N.B. the top right flowcard is the condition-card of Google Services. The action/When card doesn’t wait to finish, the condition cards do.
The left top card needs to be set to Execute Sequential.

The lower 3 cards are just examples. No matter how you execute speech from now on, it will always go sequential: It will wait for one speech to be finished, before the next one is started.
No matter where you execute the flowcards from!

N.b.2. Is you want to play sounds before speech, use the conditioncards from the Universal Media Player app: That one also waits to finish:

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Hey @Hampus1, @Sharkys and others that created Tickets for this:
Emile just let me know that they will change the way triggercards are executed, will be made like on the earlier HPs.
Meaning: Returncards and Sequential executions will (one day) work again on the HP2023!


N.b. It’s on the todo list, but when it will be included into a new build isyet unknown, since Athom has much on there plate atm.
But it is coming!

Thanks @Emile !


Yeah ! Very kind goodwill, seeing they keep listening :slightly_smiling_face:



I would like to comment on this since it’s not really fair to call these SDK changes. You found out that card.trigger resolves after the Flow is done. But it isnt documented anywhere that this behavior is intentional or should be used at all.