[APP][Pro] Advanced Triggers - Trigger and action cards with eventname for Advanced Flows

Hey Joka,

  • The bug has been solved: empty/only spaces will not return a selectable value.
  • The triggername can now be defined in the triggercard or the actioncard.
    This will show a list of the other cardtype’s entered values and the written value in the current card.
  • I have added the 3-times-all-argument-type cards.

It’s in Test: Advanced Triggers - Test | Homey


works and another bug :wink:

The trigger-names are collected from the when + then card. Which leads to duplicate entries in the browser:

Actually, the Whencard shows the list of the names used in the Thencards, and Vice Versa.
But it also shows, at the top of the list, the last typed name.

But the duplication has been fixed in version 1.1.2 which is in test right now:
Advanced Triggers - Test | Homey

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Everything works fine now!

THX for the app and optimizations, Arie!

I just released 1.2.1 to the Test.

Added overloading to the Triggers. Meaning, you can select and trigger a When card with 10 arguments from a Then card with just 1 argument.

If I select a then card (5) and a when card (10 Overload), the browser doesn’t find the defined trigger-name from the then card.

You’re right, i’ll fix it later.


Version 1.2.2 is Live(!) and has improved selectability, like, when picking overloadable, you can set the triggername in the actioncard (Then) first and then select it at the triggercard (When) with cards that have different argumentcounts.

Hi Arie, I’m sorry but the target flow with the then card isn’t triggered (5then/10when). Same constellation with 5then/5when works.

Could you share the flow/a print-screen?

Remember, to really trigger the Thencard, you need to save first.

Also, make sure you have Version 1.2.3.

All cards in Example image work correctly for me.

It works, my mistake was not to select the option overloadable, cause I thought the trigger description is already the selected option.

But anyway everything works fine now and nice test flow.

Hi Arie, I have got a feature request but not sure if it is actually realizable:

My flow looks like that:

It would be nice to do something like that:

Mockup only:

The problem is that the two when cards generates different tags which should map to one then card. Is it possible to find a way to transfer/map the tags to one then card? Maybe there have to be n-inputs configurations to one target field in the then card? And only one when card will execute which means a the tags of the other when card will missing.

I’m not sure if my description is understandable.

Hey Joka,

I understand the issue, i have allready asked Emile this: Advanced Flow — Community Q&A (from Ask Me Anything 05-07-2022) - Questions & Help - Homey Community Forum.

And to solve it as best as i could, i created Advanced Triggers, so you can create “recombined” tags with as little as possible extra cards.

But i think it is kinda hard to solve: What we would need (at the least) is local variables, scoped to the execution to the flow.

But you could use Advanced Triggers to kinda solve it a bit, it is what it was written for.
You just need to split the upper-right actioncard (Then) into two duplicated cards and connect one to the top lines and one to the middle lines. From that moment it will trigger the bottomline, and from there, as you have done, you can use the tags.

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Added Debounce to triggers: Debounce

Version 1.3.1 is Live!

This sounds interesting.
I’m also busy with the use of an alarm clock function and snooze option, but without any success yet.
I hope you can share your solution :wink:

Haven’t rebuilt them yet.
Share your flow(s) and maybe we can contribute!
But off topic here, so better in a new one, or existing if there is already is an appropriate topic…

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Update coming up:

  • Start [[trigger]] now has the option

    • To wait for the executed flow to be complete (it always did this allready)
    • To not wait for it to finish
  • When waiting for it to finish, you can return values.
    This way, it can functions like a real method.


Hi Arie. Is it possible to make the “Trigger name” box dynamic with a tag? So when I start a flow with a text1 value “TEST11”, I can use that value as a tag to start another flow with this tag available in the “Trigger name” box. Or is this impossible or maybe there’s already a way to do this, but I just don’t know how to.