[APP][Pro] Advanced Triggers - Trigger and action cards with eventname for Advanced Flows

Hey Joka,

I understand the issue, i have allready asked Emile this: Advanced Flow — Community Q&A (from Ask Me Anything 05-07-2022) - Questions & Help - Homey Community Forum.

And to solve it as best as i could, i created Advanced Triggers, so you can create “recombined” tags with as little as possible extra cards.

But i think it is kinda hard to solve: What we would need (at the least) is local variables, scoped to the execution to the flow.

But you could use Advanced Triggers to kinda solve it a bit, it is what it was written for.
You just need to split the upper-right actioncard (Then) into two duplicated cards and connect one to the top lines and one to the middle lines. From that moment it will trigger the bottomline, and from there, as you have done, you can use the tags.

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