[APP] Magister voor Homey (removed from app store)

Magister has changed the security. This is good, because their security has improved :slight_smile:
For the Homey app, and all other software that is using the unofficial Magister api, this however means that we are experiencing issues with login. Every few days Magister changes a certain access key. In the last app v3.2.2 this access key should be found automatically after a few hours. This is the first time that the key has changed since app v3.2.2. So I have good hope that the login errors will go away within a few hours from now. If not, it’s back to the drawing board :thinking:

The login broke around 4pm yesterday because Magister changed the access key. The Homey app can login again since around 7am this morning. Next time Magister changes its access key it should work again within 2 hours.

A new app version just got released in the appstore: v3.2.3. It is just some internal updates.

Any kids that got their diploma today? :partying_face:


I’m not sure since when, but I’ve got a red exclamation mark at my kids ‘magister device’, stating "Invalid username’. If I go into advanced and re-enter the password the device is ok for a few seconds, and gives me the invalid username again.

Any idea on how to fix this? Debug logs show the following


Magister is blocking api access. Im trying to get in touch with them.

See issue: https://github.com/gruijter/com.gruijter.magister/issues/28

Ah. There you have it! :slight_smile: Thanks for the quick response, hope you can get it solved.

Any news about this or can we remove the app

Iddink (owner of Magister) promised to get back to me. We need an API key from them to give all Homey users access to Magister. But Iddink is not in a hurry apparently. Maybe it helps if everyone sends them an email requesting them to get in touch with me.

Their email is: partners@iddinkgroup.com

Hello, just sent next mail to Iddink :

Ik gebruikte met veel plezier en gemak de app van Robin Gruijter voor Magister op mijn Homey.

Nu blijkt dat jullie iets hebben aangepast en we niet meer kunnen inloggen via de app van Homey.

Willen jullie alstublieft zsm contact opnemen met Robin Gruijter

Hij heeft zelf ook al contact met jullie opgenomen, helaas zonder een oplossing.

Jullie zouden mij , en met mij veel gebruikers van Magister en Homey, helpen door hem te helpen met het oplossen van dit probleem.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Arjan van der Wulp

I hope this will help !

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@Gruijter Still very happy with the app, also Got the exclamation mark but the app does still seems to work. Only major change I noticed lately is the fact that new grades now only come in once a day around 2.30 am. Normally the delay was max an hour I believe.

Has this got anything to do with the API issue is it something else?

Yes, the API that is used to interface with Magister needs a security key. This key changes every so often, and Homey was always able to adapt this key accordingly. Untill a month ago when Magister/Iddink decided they do not allow that anymore. So I need to get an official key from Iddink.

Apparently the key that Homey tries is sometimes the right key for that moment. So that is why every now and then you do get grades and the roster.

But I/we really need to get a supported key from Iddink. And despite all the emails that the community l and I sent, they stay silent…

Ok, thanks for the clarification that this also has to do with the api key, seems a bit odd to me though that it ‘sometimes’ is right, from a security point of view this is not best practice I think…

But I will also send them an e-mail then because it is a very helpfull app!

Any news yet? Can’t get it to work cause of the “invalid user” prompt. Very annoying, that lack of support from Iddink.

Same question, any news? The Magister app is not longer functioning for me.

I hope it can be resolved with Iddink

Nope. Iddink is dead silent. Maybe we should organize a protest at their office:


Let’s all call them this week on 0318 – 648 761 and ask if they can fix the connection again, as many parents really enjoyed the link between Magister and Homey.

It worked perfectly, so I hope Iddink recognizes it a small think to fix while creating great customer satisfaction.

I will call them tomorrow asking to fix it.

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Zojuist Magister gesproken op hun directe nummer ‭(058) 298 71 71‬. De dame die ik sprak geeft aan dat de beste optie is de Magister beheerder op school te benaderen, die dit als wens kan doorgeven.

Zelf vind ik die route wat lastig met deze vraag, mailen naar info@magister.nl kan ook. Fijn als iedereen die Magister wil gebruiken met Homey hier even een mail naar toe stuurt :+1:

Mail gestuurd aan info@magister.nl !

En antwoord terug:


Privacy van leerling gegevens is belangrijk daarom kent Magister geaccrediteerde aansluitingen, waarbij de school consent kan geven welke apps zij wensen te gebruiken als onderwijsaanbieder.

Homey / Robin Gruijter is momenteel geen geaccrediteerde app ontwikkelaar. Wij zullen met hem contact opnemen over de procedure.

met vriendelijke groeten

naam verwijderd van Magister

De aanhouders winnen :partying_face:.

Ik denk dat Iddink moe werd van alle emails en telefoontjes. Ik heb inderdaad een email ontvangen vandaag en ga verder in gesprek met Iddink.

Wordt vervolgd…