App list not available

Hi I’m having lots of problems with the website on my phone, it’s constantly refreshing that’s why my post is really strange.
I installed the new homey pro 2023, but the app list in the app on my phone is gone, it gives an error message, please see picture.

I hope the message is correct now.

Thanks for the support in advance.

Try the webapp

It’s probably due to an app without a name.

Thank you Peter, this was the best solution. I don’t know what app it was, it didn’t give an name. I hope also this will solve the problems with chromecast connectivity.

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YW, Nelson.

No, Chromecast seems to contain a serious bug, but seems impossible to solve by Athom, or not on a priority list.

I use f.i. this Device Capabilities app card to restart the Chromecast app automatically:

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Hi Peter

Thank you for your support and information.
I’m trying to create the flow, but can you send an example of the “and” flow with the timer flow, do you understand what I mean :crazy_face:

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi, Nelson, no problem,

This is the complete flow.
I like to build in a wait time, to prevent the app from being restarted continuously.

While the flow is triggered the first time, it starts a 2 minute timer.

When it’s triggered again within 2 minutes, the flow is now stopped by the And “timer is not running” card, while now the very same timer is actually running.

Hi Peter

Where can I find that flow, or I’m really blind😎

It’s in my post, isn’t it visible?

Can you see the flow below?

Hi Peter, yes i see the flow card, but i’m getting stuck at “and”, please see picture.

Ah, sorry, now I get what you mean. You meant the ‘and’ card with the timer card.

You can just enter a timer name at “Kies”
After you typed a name, you’ll have click on it to select it as timer name (only enter does not work).

At the ‘then’ timer card, do enter exactly the same name (case sensitive!) and click on it to select it as timer name.
Now that particular timer gets created on the spot.

It’s a bit fuzzy I understand, you can reach out to the dev Arie (he’s Dutch as well), when you have questions / improvements about the cards and how to create timers and enter timer names.
Pls use this topic:

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