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Has anyone had experience connecting a Kwikset Home Connect 620 to a Homey Pro?

It’s not in the app store, so changes are low.
You can request an app however, but again, chances are low:

I don’t see a Kwikset app available. I am able to connect the lock via zwave device setup but all the options that are available is to turn the lock on and off which is not helpful. How can I properly connect my lock to the Homey Pro? Please and thank you!

Please search at https://homey.app store. When the brand or model doesn’t show up, it’s not supported (yet).

The Homey general zwave “app” is very basic, it can command devices with On Off functionality, and maybe Dim and some color settings.

We have scheduled a meeting with Kwikset at CES to look at an official integration of their products, so fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:


How did your meeting with Kwikset go at CES?

Very good! An official Homey App is currently being developed for the Z-Wave and ZigBee locks. Wifi locks will follow later :wink: :+1:


Excellent! Is there a way to sign up for notifications once this is available to end users?

You can track the progress over on our “Request a Brand” page, I’ll also make sure to post an update here when it is live :raised_hands:

Thanks! :clap:

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Thanks for the heads-up @Dijker! We have indeed launched the official Kwikset App. It currently supports both their Z-Wave and Zigbee Locks, support for their Wifi based locks is on our agenda :wink: :+1:

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Has anyone been able to successfully add a Kwikset lock? I have multiple 910 and 914 z-wave locks and I have been unable to add any of them. I’m able to go through the setup process and it looks like it’s adding them but then I get the message that something went wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Brian,

Do you have those devices not further than an inch from Homey while pairing? (Or bring Homey to the devices).
Did you try adding them unsecured?


Yes the lock is right next to the Homey Pro. And it never gets to the pin section.

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I think you’d better contact the developer. You can find contact info at the app store’s app page!

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Will do Thx!

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