[APP] idinio

Bought an Idinio zwave dimmer,

First off the app asks for a “DSK code” wich should be on the unit (nowhere to be found :person_shrugging:t2:)

When I enter “00000” for it, the app seems to accept.
Buttttt. It does not work. When I switch on the unit, the app switches it off again :crazy_face:

the Robbshop where i bought the unit helped me a bit;

the DSK “00000” is correct.

it did not work, because I had connected the load between phase and output, rather then neutral and output.

a few weird things; this requires 2 wires “neutral” to the unit, where there is only one screw.
there are 2 screws for phase (live), but only one is used.
the manual is ehhhh how to say this politely? unclear.

this is all based on the assumption the unit is mounted behind a flush wall switch.
well, we all know flush boxes to not have enough space to add things like this.

If this is the correct dimmer you can use it with or without neutral.

With neutral wire:

Without neutral wire:

Yeah, in print i could not see the difference between black and brown: both black- ish

The omnious box on the left is not explained. Is that the load? The supply?

Brown wires usually are live, but the switch on the right , may that be live? Or is live coming from there?

All only ASSUMPTED to be in a certain way.

While there is also a way that leaves no interpretation of assumptions or “the usual way”: a circuit diagram.

If I understand correctly, this is how it works without the dimmer.
The left brown is from the ceiling and is L.