App for Watts Vision


Are there any developers currently working on an app for the Watts Vision heating solution? I can’t find anything on it yet.

This is the system I’m referring to:

Niels V


Hi Niels,

did you already put this request in the central App Request topic? I’m gathering information about this product as I’m about to purchase is. Homey support will even make this better of course :slight_smile:

Not yet, I die contact the producer of Watts Vision. But so far no reply yet as they were closed during the holidays.

Did you find a solution to control your watts heating via Homey?

Nope, and what I understood it can’t be done without extra hardware, as the broadcasting signals don’t match

Any progress? Watts is a great working system. Maybe it is possible to make an api communicating with watts vision wifi-controls web app? Like many others. Really hope someone can make a Homey app.

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Hoi iemand watts vision werkend? Radiatoren en vloerverwarming, thermostaat?

Hi, does anyone have watts vision working? Radiators and underfloor heating, thermostat?

moving this one to an existing thread, App for Watts Vision

but if you want a community developer to create an app:
Use this Topic, use the Template, add all necessary information…