App for gardening

Hello guys. I want to find app where I can set some reminders for lawn watering, fertilization etc. based on inputs like temperature outside, last raining etc. Is app like this existing? Thanks

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do you mean a flow (wich I suppose you have to create by yourself) or a system already dont to integrate with Homey?

Mmm… I mean something like Heimdall app. Of course I can create flows for alarm, arming, disarming etc. but with Heimdall it’s much easier.

So if app like this is existing also for “garden stuffs” it would be great.

As far as I know there is no such app. Here are many examples however.
Homey combines all the needed devices and apps, but the flow(s) have to be created or re-created by someone :upside_down_face:
Example by Marcel_Ubels:

Search for ‘garden’ or ‘irrigation’ on this forum for more ideas.

It does sound like this is a job for flows.
Out of curiosity, what conditions would want to trigger a message?
Also the app would need to know about the rain and temperature, so you need something to measure those and tell the app what devices provide that information. So, it becomes a very complex app to achieve a simple task that can be done with flows.

There are also automatic watering devices from LinkTap, Gardena, etc that will already do that.

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Basically, such apps already exist, but for different use cases. For example, the Advanced Scheduler, the Homey Heating Scheduler, the Heating Controller or Heimdall. Why should an app for gardening not be possible? Too many variables?

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I’m not saying it’s not possible, just complex compared to a flow :slight_smile:
It would probably also require as much configuration to include the relevant capabilities from other devices, plus defining the rules as setting up a flow, so would it actually be a benefit?
You know me, I am always up for a challenge, but I also question the pros and cons of a request to get the best understanding of the task.


Ok guys. For example…I made weather station using ESP8266. I can acquire various variables like:

  1. Current raining (if yes or no)
  2. Rain meter per day (in mm)
  3. Speed of the wind
  4. Temperature

I want from Homey notification, when is for example 3 days without rain and above 25°C, “Your grass need some water!”.

Or…I want to every month fertilize grass but it’s more effective when it rains. So it will be great if Homey notify me when is good time for it.

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I am with you Thomas

If would be possible to define a certain number of checks it would be easy to notify or enable a device for watering a.s.o

especially with weather parameters it would be nice to implement such a routine for different usecases

i am using froggit for weather station and it works more than good than other ones

BTW froggit is also having some soil humidity sensors

Those Froggit stations and sensors look identical to the Misol and Ecowitt devices. What Homey app do you use to collect the data?

For indoors there is an app which triggers when moist and/or nutrition values are out of an adjustable range:

Misol f.i. has a soil moisture probe for outdoor use.
When the imaginary garden-app can read out a weather app like Openweathermap, which uses local (or closest to you) weather stations, the precipitation value can be used to decide if, and for how long the garden should be watered.

Imho for custom things like an ‘advice’ on the best moment to fertilize the garden every month, but only when it’s gonna rain… you’ll need just 2 flows and a weather app:

  • Flow 1
    -every month
    -precipitation today is greater than X mm
    -precipitation tomorrow is greater than X mm
    Notification: Time to fertilize garden
    -enable Flow 2

  • Flow 2
    -every day
    -precipitation today is greater than X mm
    -precipitation tomorrow is greater than X mm
    -notification: Time to fertilize garden
    -disable Flow 2 after 1s.


That has got me thinking, I can add a trigger and condition to my weather station apps for ‘It hasn’t rained for X hours’. Then you could setup a flow that triggers if it hasn’t rained for (3 * 24) hours, or trigger at a specific time each day and check if it hasn’t rained for (3 * 24) hours. Obviouslu only helps if you use one of my apps though :slight_smile:


I would like it too. But I have Rainbird which is a closed system. Though the wifi version, which I have, does have a weather app which does the work and there are some additional devices which help too. Still I would like to control it better myself somehow. Some managed it with electronic switches on the valves or so, too technical for me ;-).

Anyhow, I am no expert but have done some asking around with gardeners and I think it will be a very complex flow to program yourself. It is not only when did it rain the last time. It’s also how long and how much it has been raining. A short shower, even pouring rain, does not do that much as it is or sucked in immediately or flooded away on dry ground. Even when there is a shower going on, it can still benefit to ignore it and turn the system on if it has been dry and will be in the coming days, how contradictive it seems. Though, if long drizzling showers are predicted soon, a short period can be enough or none at all despite it has been dry for long. Temparature is a big factor too. Mostly the dryness of the ground determines how often and how long you need to turn the system on (per group).

Taking it all into account, it is a very complex calculation to do with a lot of factors, requiring a lot of sensors (although ground moist sensors are maybe enough) and very good weather predictions. Maybe that is why there is no ready to use “self-made” app at Homey?

Right and it works 100%

how can I trigger 3x 24 hours without rain???

If you are using my Misol and Ecowitt app then I am working on an update for the weather station and rain meter. There will be a new trigger/condition card that allows you to specify or check the time since it last rained.


I simply use that :

I do different things, but my way to consolidate it is with Nodered
all from homey via MQTT
some things via RestAPI ( dust sensor, battery , … )
little bit of code
… vola

If you can program, this is certainly not a big problem. But not everyone can program… :man_shrugging:t3:
I guess that’s one of the reasons to buy a Homey and not use Home Assistant, for example.


The new version of Misol & Ecowitt with the hours since rained is now in test Misol and Ecowitt | Homey