[App] Eurotronic Technology App (Stable: v3.0.1)

I have a spitit zwave device but i cant connect it to homey, most of te times homey says “Er is geen zwave apparaat gevonden” or it says “status already_added” but there is no unknown device in de zwave developpers overview. please i can use some advise. THX!

There is a very nice topic for this.

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@Caseda & @Rocodamelshekima Again you both are te Homey heroes of the day!!! THX!

Hold while unpowered and
insert batteries
Allows factory reset of the Spirit Z-Wave Plus.

Now it connects direct!!!


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No response from Eurotronic…
I’m the mean time I’ve purchased 2 Dansfoss thermostats and they were added without any problems. So basically I’m stuck with 2 Spirits in the shelve…

I installed the Beta months ago. Now I have to go to the stable version. Is it necessary to exclude all thermostats from Homey and ZWave before updating the app and insert them again after updating?

Not sure why you’d want to go back to stable, but going back to stable does delete all settings and devices, so you’ll need to re-pair devices and recreate flows then anyway, with or without excluding before.

I assumed the settings are also deleted if I install another beta.
So updating with a new beta will keep all settings?

I have 2.0.6 installed now and can’t update to 2.1.0 because of Homeys version (version 3 needed). I hoped 2.0.7 would improve the Z-Wave stability. At the moment, some thermostats are not reachable sometimes.

An app update will 99% of the time not improve z-wave stability, only an Homey update can do this, this isn’t just for the eurotronic app, but for all z-wave apps.

Your issue is more likely a range issue, Homey’s range is small when the mesh network isn’t stable/big enough.

As for installing another beta (staying in beta) update, yes that will keep all your devices and settings.

Thanks for your answer. Then I will keep the beta.
I just hoped the meshdriver update in 2.0.7 could bring some improvements.
I’m using a z-wave repeater and most times all is fine. But sometimes one or two thermostats (sometimes a thermostat next to the repeater) are offline. I get a error message (no response or no acknowledge) in Homey app and HomeyHeatingScheduler can’t set the temperature.
When I open the Z-Wave list on the developer page in this situation and send a test message they come online again. Like you said it seems to be a Homey problem.

Just a question. How do I completly shutdown the waterflow. Als if hell frezes over? Does this Work?

not sure if the measured temperature of the valve itself will still cap it at 7 degrees and then just open again to stop freezing or not, but that indeed will close the valve completely.

Ok, and is it neccecary to first set it in manuaal modus?

that isn’t necessary, when you activate the manual flow card it will also set the thermostat mode to manual if it isn’t already.

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For those who didn’t read (like me) and ordered some of these valves and get surprised when they don’t fit… Fix it in 10 minutes with your own 3D Printer.

Check out this adapter ring (M28 > M30) + extension pin


Does anyone use the Spirit thermostates with the app “Homey Heating Planer” (by Markus Kling)?
I set up a rudimentary schedule changing the temperature from 21 und 23 degress every morning.
Nearly anyone of those two changings (from 21 to 23 or - when it’s time from 23 to 21) dont work.
Sometime it changes to 23 but dont change back after the time – or it don’t changes from 21 to 23.

I’m not sure if this is a problem from the app “Heating Planer” or from the Eurotronic app, because sometimes even manual changes to a thermostat won’t work and I get a timeout error in the homey app :frowning:

Any ideas? Maybe I need to make some changes in the advanced mode of the thermostates?

Sadly I dont have a screenshot yet - I’ll attach it, as soon as possible.

That isn’t an Eurotronic app issue at least (and as you have difficulty setting the temperature sometimes within Homey it most likely isn’t an issue of the heating planner either), it is either an Range issue (Homey’s range isn’t big), or you are the 3rd person with Eurotronic devices that suffers from the not fully compliant FLiRS implementation of Homey.

I have no further control over your range or stability of the FLiRS protocal, as that is done on Homey’s level, not on app level.

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Thanks for the feedback.
Range seems not the problem because some of the thermostates are less than 5 meters away - and I dont have any other devices sending on that frequency.
My fibaro sensor and wall plug works fine anytime - no problems. So it seems that you’re right when pointing on the FLiRS protocol.

Seems to be a tough road to find a thermostate that working stable.
I already tested the Devolo thermostate - not stable. Danfoss looks like a Devolo clone - or vise versa. So no need to test those I guess.
All other I found need a separate bridge to operate --> useless…
Very annoying that all of those devices seems to be unstable.

if multiple devices have issues, maybe it is something near the thermostatic location that interferes with the signal(s),
maybe a power supply nearby, they can cause a lot of noise,
or an metal plate nearby, or something else that absorbs wireless signals.

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I have the same setup. I have a number of Spirit valves and the Heating planner app. My valves work reliable, but sometimes I need to restart the app if I made small changes. If I don’t touch anything, stuff keeps working.
Sometimes I also need to restart the app if I reboot Homey.

When the app doesn’t seem to work, I can change the settings of the valves manually (via the Homey app that is)

Can you detect any issues via the developer interface? (reachability issues?)

Edit: Almost all of my zwave devices (including the spirit valves) hop via ‘smart plugs’ that I have.

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