App connection within Homey lost (no new data), some time after reconnection

Since a few weeks I found that data from apps within Homey, like temperatures from Netatmo, and motion from Philips Hue (sensor) weren’t received anymore by Homey premium and Homey pro 2023. (this concerned all data from the apps mentioned)
I use both Homey premium and Homey pro 2023 (too many flows in Homey premium to move to pro), and the lose of app connection occurs at different times on both platforms. Choosing ‘repair’ and reaffirming data connection solves the problem only for a few minutes or hours. Reinstalling the app sometimes works, for some hours. Restarting the Homey pro seems to solve the problem sometimes. (with the disadvantage that THEN-cards dissapear that would start with a planned delay)
What is the cause, and what is a permanent solution to this serious and time consuming problem?

Yes, that sucks
@ Homey Pro, you can solve it by replacing the delays with Chronograph app timers.
They count towards a timestamp, which is still there after a reboot.

Thank you for your answer. That would help for that part of the problem, but not for the big main problem. Does somebody know whether the disconnection problem happens to more users? Is the Homey staff working on a solution? I haven’t e-mailed support (yet) since a response would take a long time.

Netatmo and Philips Hue are both apps by Athom.

Sorry, there’s no support for any Hue sensor @ Homey premium/cloud

My advice, report your issues at support, please

That’s not what they write.
“Expect it to take 1 - 2 weeks” is not the same as “it takes 1 - 2 weeks”

The problem with disconnecting Hue sensors is in Homey pro (2023) indeed.

A recent experience I had, is worse than 1 or 2 weeks, but hopefully the new issue I described, which I have just sent to Athom support, is given higher priority and solved earlier. I see some more people mentioning the same problem in other topics.