[APP][Clod & Pro] CTM LYNG OP


CTM Lyng have created a app to support CTM Lyng OP products.



Supported devices v1.1.36

  • AX Fuktføler OP
  • AX Ventildriver OP
  • MBS-S OP
  • mStikk 16A OP
  • mStikk 25A OP
  • mTouch Bryter OP
  • mTouch One OP
  • mTouch Dim OP
  • mTouch Astro OP
  • mTouch Luftføler OP
  • TavleRele 25A
  • Strømkutt Mic, OP
  • mKomfy 1.8 Stoveguard
  • mKomfy Tak Stoveguard
  • DimmerPille OP

More info about the products: mTouch OP - CTM LYNG AS

Known Issues
If the mTouch Switch loses contact with its node, it changes the group ID. This results in Homey not listening to the correct group, and flows will not trigger on button presses.
This can be resolved by performing a reset on the switch or by going into the device settings and setting the group ID to 0. It also automatically corrects itself every 6 hours if the issue persists. Working on a better solution.

Version Log

  • 1.1.37 Added a flow named ‘Reporting timeout’ that triggers if the device hasn’t reported within a specified interval. This function can be activated in the device settings and is referred to as the watchdog. It applies to the following devices: mTouch Air Sensor OP, AX Water Leak Sensor OP, Strømkutt Mic OP, AX Ventildriver OP, and mTouch One OP. Removed the 1.1.36 change

  • 1.1.36 Added a flow that triggers if the device hasn’t reported within a specified interval. This function is activated in the device settings. Applies to mTouch Air Sensor OP and AX Water Leak Sensor OP.

  • 1.1.35 Added the option to add virtual buttons for mTouch Switch OP under settings. The button initiates the same flow as a physical press on the switch itself does.

  • 1.1.34 New flow card for mTouch Air Sensor OP. If the humidity is greater than or equal to…

  • 1.1.32 Updating the driver for the mTouch Switch

  • 1.1.31 Fixed a bug in the mKomfy driver, along with some changes in the mTouch Switch driver

  • 1.1.28 Minor updates have been made to the thermostat and relay driver. The power consumption now resets in the event of a power outage. This adjustment was necessary due to an error in the solution implemented in version 1.1.21.

  • 1.1.27 Minor changes

  • 1.1.26 Fixed a bug in the Astro driver

  • 1.1.25 Improvements to the thermostat driver

  • 1.1.24 Fixed a bug in the thermostat driver. Applies to the flow card for when the thermostat is heating and settings in regulator mode.

  • 1.1.22 Updated the driver for MBD Dim

  • 1.1.21 Fixed a bug in the thermostat driver that prevented the selection between ON, OFF, and Night saving. Updated the driver for all relays so that power consumption is not reset in case of a power outage

  • 1.1.17 Added support for DimmerPille OP

  • 1.1.16 Added support for mKomfy Tak

  • 1.1.15 The software version of the thermostat is displayed in the settings. This is important if you want to switch to showing actual consumption instead of the average

  • 1.1.14 Options in the thermostat settings to choose between using average power or real power when Homey calculates power consumption.

  • 1.1.13 Added support for automatically setting date and time on mTouch One and mTouch Astro during pairing. For devices that are already paired, navigate to Device Settings → Maintenance → Refresh Settings.

  • 1.1.12 Added mTouch Astro OP

  • 1.1.10 Fix to get mTouch Bryter OP work with Homey Pro 2023.

  • 1.1.9 Fixed a bug in the thermostat driver where some flows were not working

  • 1.1.8 fix issues in MBD-S and Stoveguard driver

  • 1.1.7 improved device unavailable on the thermostat driver.

  • 1.1.6 Updated the driver for the thermostat. Removed and added new flows.

  • 1.1.4 added flowcard to the MBD-S and fixed some typos

  • 1.1.3 Add trigger and condition card to the thermostat driver. Fixed a bug in the Stoveguard driver.

  • 1.1.2 fixed a bug in readAttributes during driver startup

  • 1.1.1 Added Strømkutt Mic. Major changes to the thermostat driver. Deleted and added new capabilities which can affect active flows. It is now possible to change the thermostat mode. Minor fix on all drivers

  • 1.1.0 Added mKomfy Stove Guard, fixed battery reporting. Added capability heartbeat on battery devices to visualize device working. Fixed a bug in mTouch One Settings.

  • 1.0.2 Fixed lux and energi calculations. Added setUnavailable when router devices do not respond. Fixed a error in reporting battery for mTouch Bryter


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Hello! Really love your products so far, but I have some problems with homey pro 2023 and some devices.

The thermostats won’t activate night saving from flow. I have 4 thermostats and none are working. I guess it’s a bug in the app?

Second, I have these mtouch switches that runs on battery. None of these works. I make a flow “when button 1 is pressed” then “something”, but nothing is happening. The device itself is paired successfully with homey and is reporting normal, so that’s not the issue.

Maybe you can take a look?

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Great to hear that you like the products :slight_smile:

I found a bug that explains why you can’t set the thermostat to night saving. A new version will be released tomorrow.

Regarding the use of mtouch switches, unfortunately, there is a bug that Homey is working on.

I do want to highlight one thing that’s still being worked on, and that is that some Zigbee remotes (e.g. IKEA) depend on a feature called group messaging. These group messages aren’t working yet with the new Zigbee chip, but luckily our engineers have worked together with Silicon Labs to find a way to make it work!

Thanks for the response!

I tried turning them off with the flow and that works, but I can’t get them to turn on again with a flow. I need to manually turn them on in the app and that works.

Hopefully you will get your homey pro 2023 soon to test this out :slight_smile: I thought devs where prioritised when athom was shipping out the units. I bought mine on “the black marked” as I couldn’t stand the wait :sweat_smile:

New update! I found a bug. Hoping to release a fix tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the fix! Now night saving is working :+1:

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Did you ever get a fix for the problem with the mTouch switch not working? I have the same problem…

Not working yet. Don’t know if athom has adressed the problem? @TorjeS

Right now touchlink is required for it to work. But the new version that I am working on should solve this. But I won’t have time to publish this until the beginning of August due to holidays


@Kjettern @Arne-Kristian

New version has been released for testing. v1.1.10. If the device is already paired, you can try removing the batteries from the product before testing. If it does not work, the switch must be re-paired

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For some reason I have to use advanced flow to make it work, but then it works great! Thanks!

Nice! It works here with regular flow. Just tested sending notification to homey with one of the buttons :blush:

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Okey, guess I did somthing wrong with the regular flow then🤷‍♂️

Any plans on adding the mTouch Astro? I added mine through homey, and it came up with unkown zigbee device. Only two functions are on and off :stuck_out_tongue:

Apologies for the delayed response, but I have been on vacation. I will try to have this implemented during this week. You will hear from me once it’s ready. :slight_smile:

Does this also work with mTouch One 1P OP? Or just the mTouch One OP?

Yes :slight_smile:

mTouch One 1P OP and mTouch One OP have the same functions.

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