[APP][Clod & Pro] CTM LYNG OP

There’s not much you can do over the radio. But I have implemented some functions:

On/Off Relay (If you turn off/on the relay, the next astro event will override)
On/Off Device (will disable the “astro” event)

In the settings you can se som settings (Read only)


And does it work in “effektregulator” mode too?
I just had installed some Namrom ones that only supported temperature thermostat, and sadly does not work as intended. So now I am just doing my due diligence before I get the electrician here.

Of course (Y)

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Perfect! Thanks for clarifying.

Will this device work? I dont have this button inside the sensor cover.

No, this sensor is to old and do not have the zigbee radio.

Ok, thanks for info :+1:

This unit will not install.
Any clue on why?

Stops at this page, no error message.
Just times out.

I have not been able to link any CTM units to Homey.
Problems with the app?

Did you connect the device to another gateway/coordinator before? Try a reset on the device and the Homey

Is it possible to get the mTouch One to show the energy consumption here?

I am using it in regulator mode, so seeing the set temperature as the status indicator is not really helpful for me.

And is it possible to get it to report the actual energy consumption to Homey, instead of the average?

The actual consumption is 1kW, but the regulator reports itself as using 480W, which makes the energy diagram in Homey app be inaccurate.

But the regulator only reports as using 480W because that is the average, so it makes it appear as if something else is using the 520W difference.


I don’t think it’s possible. Since it’s a thermostat, Homey determines what can be displayed in the icon. It works on the web-app

I’m working on a version that calculates the power based on the status of the relay, not the average that the thermostat reports. I will let you know when it’s ready for testing

Hmm, I see some devices allows me to set which indicator I want in the mobile app (haven’t found anywhere in the webapp to change it)

Looking forward to testing it out.

Yes, according to the Homey documentation, it should be possible to select this option for the thermostat as well. However, I suspect that something might occur when I remove the ‘target_temperature’ and add the ‘dim’ function in regulator mode, as the product belongs to the thermostat class.

v1.1.14 er now ready for testing :slight_smile:

Tested, and it seems to work :slight_smile:
Both my thermostats now report the actual power to Homey

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Is it possible to update the firmware on old devices so I can use the new feature with Watt consumption? Are the firmware downloadable or can it be dumped from a newer device?

Homey does not support OTA, but if you have another gateway that supports it, for example, deconz, I can send you an OTA file. However, we have made some hardware changes since the first version, so I need to know which software you have currently to check if it’s possible.

Ok nice. I’m on 63 and RF: 1.8.
Is it possible or is this hardware too old?

That combination doesn’t have OTA for the thermostat, only for the radio. But if you send it to me, I can flash it to the latest version. Then it will support OTA in the future.

I see. Actually I have 3 thermostats that need this update.
No method for me flashing it with a cable myself? I’m familiar with flashing fw via different serial bus etc.

There’s an ARM/STM uC in the thermostat. So, if you have a STLINK debugger/programmer, you can do it yourself.

For example, you can use an STM32 Nucleo board. If you haven’t done this before, I recommend sending it to me.