[APP][Clod & Pro] CTM LYNG OP

Sorry for the late reply. If possible, I think I’ll try my luck with flashing via cable. I’ve always liked cable more than ota and reading a little into it, stm32 seems like a ok task. It would be much appreciated with a little guide also if possible. If not, the fw dump will also be sufficient :blush:

Send me a PM, and I’ll provide you with the information you need :slight_smile:

Noe jeg gjør feil? Mkfy stikket virker er prøvd både stable å test vesjon

Try to reset the mKomfy Sensor and include it to Homey again.

To reset the sensor, press and hold button SW2 for approximately 15 seconds until you hear 3 beeps, then release the button.

If it doesn’t work, you can try sending me a diagnostic report.

Tried ti include again factory reset and add again
Here is the diagnostic


Are you getting a new app pushed tonight? Tingling with excitemen😁

Fixed a bug in the mKomfy driver, along with some changes in the mTouch Switch driver.
You need to delete and pair the sensor again

Any way to get temperature reading form the sensor? Home assistant have this

mKomfy Stove Guard

It’s only room temperature that is displayed in Home Assistant. It only displays temperatures in whole degrees, and another weakness is that it doesn’t update very often.
But I can add it to the list of features to consider if more people are interested in it.

It would be nice if you implement virtual switch for the “mTouch Bryter OP”. I use build in or a app for this, but better if implemented directly.

Added the option to add virtual buttons for mTouch Switch OP under settings. The button initiates the same flow as a physical press on the switch itself does.

I have received some inquiries about how to check if the products are working, especially products that report temperatures and are used for automatic control.

I have now created a function where you can activate something I’ve called “watchdog” for each product under settings. As of today, I have implemented this for:

mTouch Air Sensor OP
AX Water Leak Sensor OP
Strømkutt Mic OP
AX Ventildriver OP
mTouch One OP

To make it as clear as possible, I have created a flow card that applies to all devices. However, it includes two variables indicating which device it pertains to and what the time limit is in minutes