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I would like to encourage and request an Airthings App that pulls data from the Airthings Hub / Web API. I am not in a position to make this myself, but am also not able to use the BLE version of the App simply due to the distances in my house (10+ meters / Brick fireplace etc).

Encouragement hereby provided :raised_hands:

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I have some Airthings devices connected to the Airthings Hub. I would like them to communicate with my Homey Pro. When i search in Homey Apps I can only find an app that communicates directly with my devices through BLE. The problem is that most of my devices are out of BLE-range for my Homey.

Is there somebody out there that have the knowledge and time to create this app? If not, is it possible for a novice to create such an app, or do one need some knowledge of programming?

Airthings told me they have to little knowledge of Homey to create such an app.



Has anyone had any luck getting the Airthings Hub or alternatively Airthings Cloud data into Homey? Seems like Airthings has an API (as outlined in this HA setup guide - Airthings - Home Assistant), so I’m hoping it should be possible to get that to work with Homey somehow.


I’m going to have a shot at creating a driver using the same cloud API, as soon as I get my preordered Homey. Will update here when there is some progress.


Oh, that’s excellent news - thanks a lot for doing that! I’ll be happy to help test when you’re ready - looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

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I can also help with testing.

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The same here. I am also willing to help with the testing.

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Airthings released a new official app, which works great so far(tested with Bridge): Airthings App for Homey | Homey
So no need to move forward with my own app.

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Ah, that’s great news. The official one works well here too - but thanks again for being prepared to put the effort into making a solution!

isn’t that this ??

Wow moving the complet set of multiple Topic’s changed the order, Sorry…

Unfortunately not, this only allows communication via BLE between Homey and the individual Airthings units. I have the airthings hub (which is connected online) that manages the BLE comms with the individual units.

BLE has range limitations, meaning my Homey placement can not reach the Airthings units as other Homey connections are more important.

Anyone else that have problem with connections to Airthings?
I have 3 Wave plus connected to my Airthings view plus which take care of link to Homey.
The units have not updated data for some days.
Tried to restart the app and homey, did not help.
Removed the devices and the app, reinstalled the app.
Now the app can’t find any new devices.
Any ideas out there?

My Wave plus stopped working about a week ago, removed it and cant re-add it.
My mini and View plus still work.
The app was updated a week ago so that’s most likely what’s causing the issue

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Many thanks for your reply.
Then there is nothing more to do than wait for a new update.
I have informed the developer about this problem.

Same here does not work anymore. If I press refresh bytton in the close Window it says: {“success”:false,“message”:“Invalid Token: undefined”}

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Same boat here. My 3 Wave Radon devices connected to my Airthings hub were working flawlessly with the Homey app, until a couple of days ago.
I’ve removed the Airthings app from Homey and now when re-adding Airthings, it can’t find any device anymore.

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Same problem. Stopped getting data a couple days ago. Tried rebooting everythinng. Tried removing the device but now it can’t find it.

Reply from the developer:
" We currently experience an API issue caused by a short outage on Wednesday: we are working on resolving this as soon as possible. We will keep you posted".

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