[APP] Airthings - Empowering the world to breathe better

Managed to add it now and got correct values, as far as I can see.

Reply from the developer::
The problem with the API should now be resolved.

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All seems back to normal! Just re-added my Wave devices and they are up-to-date. Thank you!!!

Hello! We are a group of students from Norway conducting UX research on AirThings. Your insights would be incredibly valuable to us. Could you spare a moment to answer a few questions about your experience with their products?

  1. What motivated your initial purchase of an AirThings device, and through which platform did you acquire it?
  2. How many AirThings devices do you currently own? If you only have one, would you consider purchasing more in the future?
  3. How frequently do you engage with the device and its accompanying app? Could you describe your typical interactions with the product?
  4. What features or aspects of AirThings and its products do you find most valuable or enjoyable?
  5. Conversely, what areas do you believe could be enhanced or improved within the products and the overall system?

Your input would greatly assist us in our research efforts. Thank you very much for considering our request!