Any experts on sending z-wave RAW

I want to send to all my Greenwave Plugs every hour a z-wave raw command.


From the guide what is the RAW Command I need to send to set keep alive time to 255.

I have not had to send raw z-wave commands before - I have been able to use the HA config for the device before.

Any help would be appreciated.

(for clarity, if I can send a Raw command to the Greenwave every hour, alternating between setting 254 and 255 then I can stop it it from resisting it is ‘lost’ every 4:15 hours - normally I would just use the HA to send a poll/test every hour to stop a timeout - but cant work out how to do that automatically)

Athom support suggested that I use the Homey app every 4 hours and send a Parameter change to the 30+ devices. Not very practical, if I don’t wake up half way through the night every bedroom starts experiencing a very bright flashing in the room that feels like an Emergency beacon going off :slight_smile: - I am convinced there is a workaround to get Homey to poll somehow.


Thanks for that.

Got where to I understood how to construct the Raw ZWave, then worked out how Homey likes them presented, then identified a likely candidate that would effectively allow me to do a Poll by sending a Zwave Raw command.

I came up with the Greenwave Flashing issue by sending the Raw command “0x25, 0x02” once an hour to the Greenwave - basically asking ‘what is your switch status?’

That resets the time out status.

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Somehow the greenwave wants to give out an hourly report about its powerconsumption. There’s a wheel with numbers and colors so you can designate different greenwave nodes to different rooms/powerusage schemes. So the controller needs to poll the device hourly or it will time-out and think connection is broken and thus blinking the led. I just turned the led off, problem solved.

How did you turn off the led light?

Yesterday I tried with 2 units PowerNode-6, to sent this command:
the result was for 1 unit, no more blinking whole day, the other unit was blinking as before,
just some minutes ago, I did sent it again.

Edit: This is not a solution, does not work for me!

see for documentation

So far sending ‘0x25, 0x02’ every hour is stopping all (about 10 so far) from going to ‘lost’ mode.,9212.0.html
Here you can find all the info about the device. Its long time ago so i can’t remember what i wrote about it xD
Edit: led off > parameter 1 set to 255