Annoyances in Homey webapp Safari iOS

Somehow the Homey webapp behaves annoyingly in iPadOS/iOS Safari… I cannot select a month, because the pop up disappears.
When entering text, they keyboard randomly dissapears…

Am I the only one?
PS: I cannot upload a video, so I cannot show it…

And you don’t have an issue with other browsers?
Does that function as expected?

You have to hold the button, then you can select some of the options.

Btw, with iOS 15 I have also a problem in the App Store. The description of the Apps disappears partly when scrolling the site. The a I have to zoom in that the description appears.

These are definitely iOS 15/Safari bugs.

No, I did not. I use safari. And as much as developers want you to use chrome because everything magically works, I do not use chrome. Hence the topic.

@fantross holding seems to work almost every time. The weird thing is, ticking it worked also. Less times than holding.
I saw that in the AppStore too :frowning:

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Would indeed be nice when Athom would give their sites some love for iPads!

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Holding the button (long enough) works 100 % for me.

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