All devices except - plus a Somfy question

Hi everyone. When creating a flow, Is there an option to select all devices from a group, but then exclude one or more?

In other words I’ve got a ‘when I leave home flow’ which switches off all devices, but I want to exclude one wall plug. (The plug controls whether my blinds are open or closed - see below)

Somfy with Alexa workaround…

This particular wall plug is only acting as a ‘switch’, to show up in Homey so I can integrate blind control through into Alexa (nothing is plugged into it). The only way I’ve been able to control my blinds through Alexa is for Alexa to switch the plug on and off, where Homey then recognises the change.

It would make more sense if you could create virtual switches in Homey for similar integrations.

Not that I’m aware of.

How are you controlling the Somfy blind (is it RTS)?

RTS yes.
Still, my workaround is cheaper than buying the Somfy controller. :slight_smile:

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You can only do that, a bit ugly, like this:
A switch off command
Turn off all devices in Zone X
Turn on socket Y in Zone X after 1s

Or, create a group of all devices but socket Y from Zone X, and switch that group off.

That’s possible if you have a Pro.
Alexa should see those (Gloolgle does :grimacing:)
There’s a Homey virtual socket:

A Virtual Devices one:

If you’re Homey cloud + bridge user:

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