Select only specific devices to share with Alexa


I have a Homey Pro and I use it in conjunction with Alexa. While I can only allow specific flows to become Scenes in Alexa, I have no control over what devices are being shared with Alexa.

Where this is an annoyance is with the Alexa Community App where my Echo Devices are added to Homey for me to be able to run voice commands in flows primarily, now in Alexa I see my Echos in the Alexa app as expect but the I also see the same devices sent back in from Homey as Speaker devices. What would make this better is if I had the option to specify individually where devices will be shared for control like a switch within each that said like “Share device with Alexa” “Share device with Google Home” ect…

This would allow for a better overall experience to select what devices are shared with the partner connections and prevent duplicates where they are not needed.

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Agreed. In the meantime, you can identify the duplicate of any device that comes from Homey by looking at its settings. You can disable it from there.


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