Alexa Skill Issue

Not all of my devices in Homey are being recognized/imported into Alexa. And some of the ones that are not imported are the exact same model as the ones that are being imported (e.g., both are Zooz 72s, but one shows up in Alexa and one does not). And all show up in Homey.

And to be clear, this is about Homey integrating with Alexa via an Alexa Skill so that Alexa can control devices in Homey. NOT about Homey sending commands to Alexa via the App.

Can you please check the device details in

Please check on differences of capability names or device class.
If devices don’t use standard capabilities, these attributes/options are not synced to Alexy. Means: a switch must have an “onoff” capability for example.

Thanks for the reply.

The top images are from the switch for my Ceiling Lights in my Master Bathroom, and the bottom are from the switch for my Mirror Lights in my Master Bathroom. Only the Ceiling Lights switch shows up in Alexa.
Both are Zooz 72s and they are installed 1 inch from each other. I don’t see any differences in Class or Capabilities, but perhaps I am missing something or looking in the wrong place.

Again, thank you for any assistance you can provide.

Yes, looks identical. Then I have no idea why it’s not synced :man_shrugging:

Just an update to close the loop. Life kept me from messing with Homey for a few days and magically - with no intervention from me - my missing devices in Homey suddenly appeared in Alexa. No idea why.
But thank you to everyone for the suggestions.