Alexa Integration (v2)

This is really missing

  • Allow filtering of devices, e.g. a boolean setting on each device
  • Allow setting an Alexa device name. I don’t name devices fully, as icon and location give a good indication of what it is. This doesn’t work if I need to address them uniquely by natural language. Yes, I could rename them in Alexa afterwards but … :slight_smile:
  • Push flows as scenes (routines?)

Actually I would love to implement that, but there is no lifecycle hooks available that would allow such a customisation.


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However the Alexa skill is a closed source skill written by Athom, so we will just have to wait for enough people to request these items. Personally I really really want to ask alexa if any windows are open, or to let me know when I say good night.

As this is a community forum, which Athom likely will not read, your best bet is to submit a request : the more people who do so, the better.


If I understand correctly that first request of adding Homey contact sensors is very useful. That’s because Alexa can use the state change of these to onwardly control it’s known devices. So if some device has a skill available on Alexa (typically via cloud API) you can then control that device from Homey.

Correct, also smart home controllers are not just about ‘setting’ values but also reporting values back.

With Alexa/Google taking over the ‘speech’ the deeper linking between it and Homey the better.

would be really nice if it would work better. If ti would work with teh away status from homey etc.

Hi Jamie (and others), did you get any response on this request? Since nest is not supported with homey anymore but it is with Alexa I want to be able to controll my nest thermostat (turn it on for 15 minutes to heat my studieroom) via Alexa but not via voice. If a virtual contact or motion sensor can be added it will be possible again dor at least alexa users.

Hey I’m not sure what you mean “by Alexa but not voice”

What I mean is that Alexa has the ability to start routines based on a sensor state (motion and door) instead of a voice command. So if it is possible to create a virtual sensor in Homey and we can manipulate the state of this sensor via a virtual button it will be possible to start a routine in Alexa without your voice. The routine I like to start via Homey is: Set NEST temp to 25 degrees, wait 15 minutes, set NEST temp back to 19. In this way I can temporary set the heating on. There are many other things you can let alexa do like speaking when a virtual (or real) sensor changes state.

Here an example of the other company who worked on this ;-).

Yes would be great if homey exposes all sensors to Alexa so we can use Alexa routines to trigger devices not available to homey.

I would like to have the ability to return Alexy a text as answer.

  • I add an virtual button in Homey, that can be activated by Alexa (to check the doors closed).
  • This starts a flow in Homey
  • There you can check the sensors
  • But then you will need to be able to pass a text back to Alexa she will answer (“Roof window is open”).

Then you could make alle the logic inside Homey but can start it via Alexa with a response.

Hi Jamie

Ability to add doorbell devices from homey to alexa

Have you seen this? - They enable you to create virtual doorbells and activate them using an API call - Alexa then either chimes like a doorbell or can make an announcement.

hi Jamie, i’ve a question I don’t know if you can help me, but I try : in the amazon Alexa app (account n1) I’ve linked the homey skill with the homey credential , Alexa find all my device and fon long time all work fine. recently I’ve buy an echo show 5 and after month all my homey device are not responding in the amazon Alexa app and echo show but if I interact all work fine. I have try to reboot homey but nothing change the error…
after these today I’ve buy an echo dot but this time I’ve registered on account n2, I’ve linked the homey account and Alexa had find all my device but not responding like account n1.
do you think the problem is the double account linked to homey?
do you think I can link 7 amazon account to homey? I need to separate 7 room each other, thank you

hi, i am having the same problem as you and i have not found the solution. Thank you for your return.

Any answer on filtering device? I have more than 100 devices and just need 10 on alexa, every sync is giving a mess in alexa. Deleting them from alexa works until you need to add a new device and then sync occurs gain, I was hopping that V5 or V6 to have this option but looks like still missing, can’t imagine homey team does not have this issue :slight_smile:


Seems I’m not alone - I have so much junk in my Alexa list was just wondering if I can filter…
Appreciate this is an old thread but guessing this isn’t something that has happened yet and I missed it?

I don’t think there is any filtering. I made the decision to remove the Homey app from Alexa and just added the individual apps for each device. I also found Alexa would keep adding the same devices multiple times from Homey which would cause conflicts. I also didn’t want Alex to be able to unlock my doors via a voice command and I couldn’t exclude the locks as they just showed up as open / close devices.

Yeah, that’s the problem - I use Homey exclusively for my Z-wave and (most) Zigbee devices so I need those accessible to Alexa.
Everything Wifi is doubled :frowning: