Alexa "HOMEY Skill"

Hello everyone and thanks in advance for your help. I’m desperate because I can’t integrate “Alexa” with “Homey”: let me explain. My wish would be to set Homey’s “Heimdall” alarm with a voice command from “Alexa”, but I don’t know how. I did this: I have an Echo Dot 3 and Sonos speakers connected with Alexa.
From the App I installed the “SKILL” of “Homey” and I logged in. When I go to create a new routine from Alexa to be able to connect with “Homey” it does not find any commands. It only finds an “Aqara” temperature sensor connected to the “Homey”. I can’t understand where I’m wrong. I have to search in all the web’s forum, but i cant’found nothing. Can you help me please?
P.S. I’m from Italy…and i have read the F.A.Q…

To do this you have to make a virtual switch to publish to alexa. Alexa can’t directly interact with heimdal, but
If you make a a virtual switch, call it alarm
make a flow saying > when Alarm (switch) is on, then turn on Surveillance mode,

same for the turning off.

That way you can say to She who shall not be named: Alexa, Turn off (the) alarm

Thanks for the answer: I did this: 1) created a virtual button with “virtual device” 2) created a flow that if I press the virtual button makes “Heimdall” go into armed mode. Finally I gave it a name. I went into the Alexa app to search for a device or stream, but nothing. It finds nothing that it can link to the phrase to say with “Alexa”. The “ALEXA” app only sees an “aqara” temperature sensor which is directly connected to “Homey” … I’m desperate …

Just read up.

I have creted also a virtual switch (On/off) throught the “virtual device” homey app, and the respective flow, but nothing…

I have to prove everything but dont operates…

There is some one that can help me…???

Just to make sure: After adding the device u also discovered it in Alexa?
Just made a virtual switch in Homey, called it Luca.
After that i discovered new devices in the Alexa app.
And there u go:

The problem is this!!!

  1. I create a Virtual Switch in Homey app and i connect it in a new flow.

  2. in Alexa app i prove to found a new device or a new app and dont happened nothing. Alexa app dont found nothing. The only one prove that the alexa app see HOmey is the only device that see, the aqara temperature sensor…

I’m disperated

So, after u (Taken that u linked the Homey account to the Alexa app) re-discover devices in the Alexa app there is no new devices found?


I have installed before the Homey Skill in the alexa app and i insert user and pass correctly.

“Alexa app there is no new devices found?” Yes. Dont found nothing…

Do you think that the problem is that i’m italian???

Well, if the app finds the Aqara sensor then it also should be capable of finding the virtual switch u just made.
Virtual buttons don’t seem to work, virtual switches DO work.

yesterday, after your message, i create both the Virtual buttons that the virtual switch and the relative flow, but the alexa app dont see nothing…

I have add now on Homey a Fibaro FGMS 001 and the alexa app see it like a temperature sensor…This app make me crazy!!!

I have call with the Alexa consumer car and the same customer care it not was be able to help me…

there is some one can help me?

I need to arm the Heimdall alarm throught the voice (with alexa voice)…

There is one can help me??? Thanks a lot…

I have write also on the official Homey support, but nothing…

The homey skill is bugged like hell. So don’t expect it to do what you want it to do.

Ir should work just fine.

Add a switch. Try it or via the homey way or via the virtual switch app in homey.

Give it a name. Discover though Alexa and see how it works.

thanks. i will prove

i have resolve the problem, and i hope that all the person that use Homey and the Alexa skill can see that.

Homey skill for Alexa, see only one Virtual switch:

  1. you go to Virtual Switch
  2. Device
  3. give a name
  4. give a paper (not important)
  5. IMPORTANT choose a Light switch.

Homey Alexa skill see the Light Swith (it name) immediately, and after you can cretate one thousand flow with this, to control with the voice (alexa).