Alert for average power usage


This week my fridge wasn’t closed properly. This made my average power usage too high. I’m looking for a flow to alert me when this happens. I hope someone could point me at the right direction, since I’m a bit stuk. The power usage on average is very constant, it’s 40 watts. When it wasn’t closed the average was around 70 watts.
When the fridge starts cooling it uses 90 watts average. Switched off close to zero of course. I’m looking for a flow to create an hourly average for power consumption, so I can setup the alert. Setting up the alert flow isn’t the issue.
A lot of people have had an open freezer with the annoying consequences. It’s not only the power consumption, but the warm food as well. If someone already has done something, that resembles it, or has a great idea, that would be great.

When I finish this flow I’ll share it as a use case for fridges and freezers.

Maybe this App can be helpful?

Based on the total consumption in kW/h it is also possible to make a calculation.
The calculation is performed hourly and is based on a time period of 59 minutes. Surely you could also set the timer to 59 minutes and 55 seconds. But I don’t think that 1 minute is important for this task.
What you need is the Chronograph App or similar.
However, you have to check the height of the total consumption within one hour in normal condition. With this value you can determine the threshold value for the alarm then.
I hope there is no mistake because I didn’t test the flows and sorry for German language in the flows.

Thanks, this might be the source for the correct flow. I’ll check it out.

Have you tried one of the two possibilities?

I did it in another way.
I have put a Aqara door sensor on the fridge and with the chronograph app i made a flow that when the door is open for longer than one minute i get an alert on my phone . Also when it happens in the evening my livingroom light turns to blue (color of cold :joy:).