Flow / alert for high average power usage

In Norway there are price brackets for power usage. Basically if I spend more than 5 kWh within one clock hour(measured from 8-9 for instance) my power bill will be in a higher bracket costing me 15 Euro more for that month. It’s usually not a problem because I set my electric cars to charge slowly. However, if I run the dish washer or make food at the same time I will go over the 5 kWh within that hour.
I have an AMS reader that gives me the live readings in Homey of my usage(using MQTT):

  1. Live usage in kW
  2. Live usage this clock hour in kWh
  3. Live usage this day in kWh

Does anyone have any tips how I can set up an alert here? For instance, if I’m at XX:30 and have used 2.5 kWh or more that hour I should get an alert. In the future I’m gonna invest in a smart charger that can follow a similar flow, but for now the output should be an alert.

I think you can use the app “Power By The Hour” and look at the tag “kWh this hour”

I think this app is especially created for your usecase and the Norwegian pricing system:


For notifications you can use my app POTH, but you need to setup flows for reducing consumption yourself. For a more out of the box solution, as suggested by others, you can use Piggy Bank