Alecto 0T-03

Hi there,

I want to monitor my freezers temperature with Homey.
The average temperatuur is -20 degrees Celsius, so way to cold for a normal temperaturesensor.
Now i found the Alecto OT-03. This temp sensor has a wired probe. The unit itself can stay outside of the freezer. So it seems perfect for my goal.

Does anybody has any experience with this sensor in combination with Homey?
I know it is not in the Alecto app but maybe is an other app capable of reading this sensor ?
(yeah, i know, wishfull thinking)


Did you checked the temperature range of the Alecto OT-03?

Source: Link

Does the sensor have to be battery operated?

One or more fibaro temperature sensors connected to a fibaro smart implant can be an alternative that is supported.


Oh crap,

I did not notice the temp. range.
Thanks for that.
(I assumed a probe could get lower).

And no, battery operated it is not nessesary .


I would suggest a Fibaro Smart Implant (Z-Wave), as @Edwin_D already did, or a Shelly Uni (Wifi) with a DS18B20 temperature sensor (measuring range: -55 to 125°C).