Ajax systems integration to complement home security

Earlier in this thread I mentioned someone made an integration of the SIA protocol in Home Assistant. So someone else forked this project and owns an AJAX alarm system: https://github.com/eavanvalkenburg/sia

The installation was quick and simple in Home Assistant. After that I made sure HA made URL calls to Homey when the alarm is on or off. In Homey I created a virtual alarm device to react on these calls. I now have a working on and off state in Homey. Very basic and simple, but at least I can now integrate the arm and disarm states of AJAX in my flows.


Nice can you also get a trigger when the alarm goes off? to turn on all lights for example?

Yes, of course :slight_smile: It is a device that can be on or off, so based on that you can trigger anything you like. For now I’m using it to remind me if the alarm is still off when nobody is home.

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AJAX Systems wil be releasing an API for integration with systems like Homey this year. I’m in contact with their development team since the AJAX alarm will be used in a Homey smart home project I’m starting.


If this is true, it’s great news. Though, I can’t find this information elsewhere yet

Great news :+1: and finally :ok_hand:

Outlook for Android downloaden

That’s why I said I’m in contact with them. :wink: It’s not written anywhere but it’s the focus of the development team for this year. No guarantees from me of course, but since they are actively involved in a Homey project I do believe they take it seriously.

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Cool, I just read the information you gave between the lines in this Dutch review:

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Any news on the developement?

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It has all slowed down because of the current situation. That’s the latest I have heard.

I’m hoovering with my fingers on the buy button almost every day, waiting for news on this. I understand the concerns in integrating alarms with other, less critical systems, but just to be able to read the sensor data and alarm state from Ajax would be enough. That means not needing double detectors/door sensors, one for automation, and one for alarm, something that would get expensive and ugly fast.

Hi @Earl_Grey

Any news on the developement? :slight_smile: We are all waiting for this! :heart:


Hi, I think you want to refer to @Martijn_C for this :wink:

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I saw it :slight_smile: But no update yet. I asked them about it again a few weeks ago, but their focus has shifted the last few months due to the current situation. They are still hopeful for this year.


The ability to send the alarm state and even individual sensor state to homey would be great indeed. 2020 ain’t over yet!

The year is closing in to the end. Any news on this @Martijn_C

Thx JW

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Yeah… I’m waiting for it too. Spoke with them last week. It’s on the agenda but because of COVID and the current situation the focus is not on smarthome integration. So, it seems that this year it won’t be happening.

Yes, had them last week also… their response was:

“At the moment such functionality of the system is under consideration by the development department, but we do not yet have information on the exact release date.”

Verzonden vanuit Mail voor Windows 10

They have to deliver for your Homey project/house in May next year so they better hurry up. Marketing dept is pushing development dept since it’s in the contact. :sweat_smile: