Could this workaround work for detecting Ajax alarm disarm/arm?

I have an Ajax Systems alarm installation. Very happy with it, except the fact that it does not offer an API to connect to other systems.

It does however offer a smart plug that can be turned on or off depending on the armed mode. I am thinking about creating a workaround with that to let Homey know when the alarm is armed and unarmed.

My idea would be buying an Ajax smart plug and turning it on when the alarm is armed. The question is, what kind of smart device can I best plug in to that, to make the trigger to homey? Another smart plug? Any better or more creative ideas?

My INNR smart plugs have triggers called ‘turned on’ and ‘turned off’. So no need to plug in another device for that, I guess?

That could work, but I would have to check whether the INNR smart plug would trigger “turned on” the moment it gets power (from the AJAX smart plug). I can imagine it only triggers when the button on the plug is pressed or when you enable it in the Homey app. But worth a shot!