After update to 7.1.3-rc Tasmota-triggered flows stopped working

I was using the experimental update switch when I wanted to update from 4.20 to 5.0.0 in order to use my IKEA Tradfri PIR sensors. Unfortunately I forgot to disable the switch afterwards. All was fine until 7.1.1 but ever since my Tasmota triggered flows don’t work anymore. I have a Sonoff T1 2-gang clone which is working fine as a dumb switch (it triggered a flow to turn on a Tradfri light bulb). It does work the other way around (turning on the bulb via the Homey app turns “on” the switch) but it doesn’t work when triggering the flow from the switch. I can see the state of the switch change in the Homey app but it doesn’t trigger the flow correctly.

I created this mess by myself because I did not turn off experimental upgrades, but the old site is offline and by my knowledge it is not possible to downgrade the firmware by hand.

I removed and recreated the flows, to no avail. How can I downgrade to 7.1.1 stable or can you please look into this? The Wife Appreciation Factor is quite low at the moment :wink:

EDIT: Fixed it with the usage of the Tasmota MQTT app instead of the Sonoff app. The latter seems to have problems with multi-gang switches at the moment in 7.1.2+.