Aeotec wallmote quad - button press types

I’m setting up an Aeotec Wallmote Quad and not sure what the the third scene/button press is - Hold Press (5x a second)

Pressed 1x - is a single press and the unit beeps once
Press released - is a long press and the unit beeps twice
Hold press - can figure out what that is and how to activate it.
Has anyone else used this ?

This might be a little bit turned around, it is “press and hold”, though that might be a little long name.
And the flow will trigger 5x each second as long as you hold the button pressed.
It is mostly used for dimming light(s), press and hold for dimming up/down (relative dimming).
The press released triggers if you release this “press and hold”.
(PS: Don’t hold it too long, or the flow will disable itself because of it triggering it too often.)

Thanks, that makes sense now. I did see the flow disabled message and now understand why :blush:
I’m using the swipe up/down to dim up/down which is working ok. I’ve set the flow to increase 10% with each swipe.