Aquara mini switch


I am using het Aquara mini switch. Is there a possibility to use other commands than a single click (double click, longer push,…)

What are you looking for ?


It is for my roller shutters. I would like to push and open them, push and close. Double push and let the shutters go down for 50 pct.

The Aqara Mini Switch supports Single, Double, Tripple and Quadruple Press with the Aqara & Xiaomi Zigbee App and also via deCONZ.
That’s why I don’t understand your question.

These funtions are called: scenes

Ok. Then I need to have a look how these scenes work…


@JPe4619 Not the “A button has been pressed” / “Een knop is ingedrukt”, which requires an additional logic step. You can directly use the “A Scene has been activated” card, which will automatically show the correct options that the device will support:



As usual, you are right, thanks for this improved lesson.

I have the ambition to be more left this year :grin:


Ok. Thanks for your help…

Another question. For the shutter. I made a flow:

A scene has been activated push 1x time
Than dim to 0 pct
Dim to 100 pct

I thought by pushing once the shutter would go down and by pushing again they would go up. But it just moves shortly down and up again.
Any idea how I can solve this?

Dunno if u have a card where it states when it’s up or down?
Then something is possible with:
WHEN scene 1 push AND shutter is up THEN down ELSE up.
U need a logic card in the AND colom for that.
If there is no card like that u could make a boolean variable.
WHEN scene 1 push AND boolean=false THEN down AND flip boolean ELSE up AND flip boolean.