Flow triggers a flow

Hi everyone!

May i ask for your Help please:

I am trying to create an (as i first thought) easy flow that triggers another one, but it won’t work…

So sliding the button on the wallmote quad should finally close the selected shutters. Don’t worry about that 0% and close don’t match, my PAN08’s want it like that :man_shrugging:t2::smile:!
Anyone know where i made the mistake?

Thanks for your support!

Greez Matt

Did you check if the sliding function is set to YES in the Wallmote settings?

Apart from that i know by experience that sliding the quad can be very tricky. Because of the small panels it often senses a press, sometimes even on the panel above or below. On the Duo it works much better and reliable.

You can easily make a test flow by letting Homey tell you what action was taken (ie if top left slide down then speech “top left slide down” and then also make one for “top left pressed”. Then you know for sure if the slide action is noticed and triggered.

Thank you both :raised_hands:t2:!! I will try that tomorrow!
If i think about it now (with your ideas in mind) it seems so easy…a community like this simply rocks :+1:t2:!!

Greez Matt

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You can also easily share a flow much easier using the share link rather then screenshots.


Up to you though.

Thank you for your advice @Jamie!